August 14, 2011

Stop corruption in Pakistan military — Happy Independence Day!

The Terrorland Report

IS Pakistan Military strategically incomplete without the Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi and similar propaganda brigades, and conspiracy theorists in the media? This is the question, the services chiefs and corps commanders should ask themselves if they want to survive in the 21st century!

You observe just the work of this single Zaid Hamid-Ahmed Quraishi brigade—see what kind of foolish things they are doing in the cyber world and in the tabloid media...? Every rational and educated Pakistani feels ashamed! Their work shows that Pakistani generals are really dumb stupid animals not professional soldiers anymore!

They and the their godfather generals are damaging both the military and country... with their intellectually bankrupt policies, which have turned a peaceful area like Hunza into a confused and conflicting ground (where the other day police killed two internally displaced men who were demanding for their basic rights in the landslide-hit area). What else can be said about rest of Pakistan!

“It is now an open secret how journalist Habib Sulemani’s creative writings were stolen by the influential accused... and how from the higher authorities... the mass murder plan of the writer's family was allowed... when it failed at the first stage of the criminal plan... the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) gave copies of his writings to the Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi like intellectuals who are trying to plagiarize it in their foolish ways... as it's said in the blogs (The Terrorland), they would be held responsible for their crimes along the generals,” said a journalist.

The Terrorland has been reportedly targeted by the brigade from time to time. When the issue was raised in the Google Groups, the Ahmed Quraishi subgroup wrote to The Terrorland Team a clarification. But, either you visit the websites and social media pages or contact Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi directly—you will not only get first-hand knowledge of their dubious activities... but will also come to know what has been said in this four-part post. Journalists in Pakistan know everything about them but they can't say much!

If Pakistan's military establishment stops funding this dubious group and its subgroups among the students, teachers, lawyers, fashion designers, actors, singers, journalists, writers, intellectuals and other communities, especially dangerously charming women two dying national organizations, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Pakistan Railways, can be functional again.

And if the military stops funding all other dubious groups inside and out of Pakistan especially those native Americans and European members who are paid in the almighty dollars  Pakistan can be a developed country within few years.

The military leadership should keep in mind that they have lost their traditional propaganda war and have wasted billions from the national exchequer of this begging nation state as the BBC Urdu says that Pakistan military lost Rs. 56 billion in corruption in the previous year. This is just in one year!

It's believed that the Pakistan military consumes 80 percent of the budget but officially it's showed just about 20 percent. Insiders claim that 80 percent of corruption in Pakistan is either related to the Defense Ministry or military... while politicians and civil bureaucracy are directly involved in just 20 percent corruption. This is shocking indeed, but those are further shocked in the militarized and Talibanized country who talk about the holly cow (in the Animal Farm)! 

Generals! Just think about your extravaganzas of the last 64 years on this Independence Day today—you have broke even the records of the corrupt Moghul rulers!

The ISI mouthpiece The Nation newspaper reported yesterday: “While inaugurating Musakhail mineral development project Friday, Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said the Pak Army had no interest in developing such projects except that natural resources should be exploited for the benefit of local population.”

A twit of The Terrorland on the Twitter, regarding this news item, has been liked by many people across the country, which says: Pakistan Army Chief does uplift work in Balochistan, let the CM (chief minister) lead the Army!

Generals! Stop corruption in the Pakistan military. Happy Independence Day!

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