August 14, 2011

Universal Patriotism

for Pakistani rulers on Independence Day

By Habib Sulemani

My Country is the earth,
a small planet that carries the huge burden of
sinful clergymen, corrupt politicians
and criminal generals, and revolves
around the sun aimlessly!

My State is Asia,
a piece of provincial land engulfed in flames of
ignorance and poverty, but determined
to be a First World society!

My District is Pakistan,
a densely populated area occupied by devils of
corruption and terrorism, but people hope
to get liberty some day!

The monks of tribal patriotism,
who have got a criminal sense of
honor without a slice of dignity, call
me a traitor as they don't know the meaning of
universal patriotism! 

Hatred is what they sell as global traders!

Today is the Independence Day!
Years and years, many years have passed
still only the ruling class is independent!

The country is shamefully dependent!
Don't you see? They've turned into leeches
but what could be the future of a parasite? 

© Habib R. Sulemani 

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