August 8, 2011

What Dr. Goebbels didn’t tell Hitler

By Habib Sulemani

You fear poetry
so you want to destroy genuine poets
on advice of the sons of Dr. Joseph Goebbels,
who want stipendiary Ghalibs in your fascist court
not selfless Rumis in the country! 

You fear fiction
so you want to destroy genuine storytellers
on advice of the criminal secret agencies,
which want conspiracy theorists around
not reality-checkers in the country!

You fear journalism
so you want to destroy genuine journalists
on advice of the fascists media managers,
who want yellow-journos in the militarized society
not fact-finders in the country!

You want to turn every field of the arts into
a fascist propaganda machine in the Islamic Republic,
but, take it from me: you’re living in a fool’s paradise!

A poet never dies,
there’s no death to fiction writers
and other artists either. Genuine journalists
are not lost in the archives.
Death is the fate of fascist dictators, and
Dr. Goebbels didn’t tell this to Hitler! 
© Habib R. Sulemani 

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