September 5, 2011

How Dawn Media Group killed two of its employees ?

Sub-Editor Shujauddin’s murder was hushed up while former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family is blamed for Reporter Tariq Malik’s gruesome killing. The Haroon and Abbas brothers are so influential that no one dares to take them to court. How independent and individualist journalists are harassed, humiliated and assassinated at Pakistan's deceptive-deathtrap media outlet? Crimes of the 'social watchman' exposed in this exclusive investigative report.

The Terrorland Report 

THE assassination plot of journalist Habib R. Sulemani and his family members in 2010 was the first joint-venture between Dawn Media Group and the Pakistan military establishment. In this case the operatives were mainly the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

However, earlier, some innocent employees had been victimized single-highhandedly at the deceptively deathtrap media outlet of Pakistan commonly known as Dawn.

In 2008 and 2009, two unfortunate employees had been assassinated at the Dawn Media Group in systematic ways by using the psychological warfare and direct attack methods. Shujauddin was a talented young sub-editor at Dawn newspaper's Karachi offices while Tariq Malik was an equally talented and curious reporter working for the Group's TV channel, Dawn News, in Lahore.
Last year, The Terrorland group blogs had published a post which told the shocking story of a laborer who lost both of his hands at the Printing Press of daily Dawn in Islamabad. Unfortunately, the  newspaper administration didn’t pay the victim even a penny as he was working there without an appointment letter, and the issue was hushed up. This tragedy could not get even a single column space in other newspapers as the Pakistani media tycoons have an agreement to not publish, broadcast or telecast anything against each other.

In yet another post, Dawn Group's corruption in the name of relief in the earthquake-hit Kashmir region had been exposed. This post, The art of looting people in misery, was appreciated even by the employees union leaders at Dawn. "The employees are denied their basic rights," a member of the union had said, "the newspaper gets millions everyday in the form of ads, the ISI and ISPR have paid Rs. 20 million for the channel (Dawn News), advertisers are instructed by the real rulers (military establishment) to give ads to the channel (Dawn News) even then the owners are crying... They have no children where they want to take this huge money?"  

Recently, Dawn News telecast a series of reports on the corruption of journalists in Pakistan, but when some participants of the program highlighted the corruption within Dawn Media Group, the program was suspended immediately. Sources say the program was aimed at other journalists not the Dawn Mafia particularly the Haroon and Abbas brothers. 

The reason behind this big intro is: to inform new readers about the professional dishonesty, exploitation of helpless employees, corruption and crimes within the 'rights champion' Dawn Media Group. Due to the influential owners and editors, no one dares to write about them or to take them to courts or hold them accountable in the lawless country.

Chief Executive Dawn Group Hameed Haroon is also president of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) while his brother Hussain Haroon is Pakistan's ambassador to the UN. Similarly, Editor Dawn Zaffar Abbas' (main accused in the attack on Mr. Sulemani) brother Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas is chief spokesperson of the Pakistan Army, another brother Azhar Abbas is director Geo News (TV) while Mazhar Abbas is in a similar position at the ARY TV.

"They people at Dawn are so expert in committing crimes that even the law enforcing agencies are helpless," said a retired employee. "During our time, we added a lot to the real estate pool of the Group, and other illegal businesses..."

This sources revealed details of plots got at throwaway prices from the government agencies, and details of the 'illegal' businesses worth another post.

Dawn Media Group's affairs are controlled  by the ISI and ISPR, insiders say. But from time to time the Dawn management works in such a way that skeptical people are silenced! The statement of CEO Hameed Haroon regarding ISI's assassination of journalist Saleem Shahzad, and publication of WikiLeaks cables regarding the incumbent Army Chief Gen. Kayani's approval of American drone attacks inside Pakistan are some examples of the great deception.

"The Dawn Group fully supports the military establishment and its political wing, Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)," said a journalist on condition of anonymity, "but when eyebrows are raised the editorial management, as a part of strategy, publishes something against the military... and when people are silent, the Dawn management again starts travel on the same Fouji (militarized) path."

So from foreign dignitaries to domestic audience everyone is forced to rely on the Dawn Group's deceptive products without realizing the real face of the so-called respected newspaper of Pakistan, founded by Mr. Jinnah, the Founding Father of the country.

"But this deceptive era is now over," says an analyst who had worked for the Group in the past. "The militarized and terrorizing face of Dawn has been exposed to the educated lot. Thank you for taking the initiative!"

So the real face of Dawn is very ugly! Anyone who wants to know the meaning of "intellectual terrorism" then, according to an employee who works for the Group without appointment letter, don't go for Dawn Media Group's appearances... especially what it publishes, telecasts or broadcasts... the looks of offices of Dawn are very deceptive... try to understand the typical people working there... many of them for generations, father-after-son since 1947. "I know, some of my colleagues are hardcore criminals, ruthless killers in the guise of respected journalists. They use their criminal minds to kill!"

CEO Dawn Media Group 
Hameed Haroon--rediff pic
"Dawn is the only newspaper of Pakistan, which is openly dominated by a  racist and sectarian bent of mind gang," said an official of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ). "Dawn has become a spokes-media for the military establishment and a think-tank for Altaf Hussain (London-based leader of the MQM)."  

According to sources in the organization, Dawn is a deathtrap for an independent mind and an individualist employee. They are harassed, humiliated and assassinated. "Many employees including interns have suffered in this deceptively gloriously den of sadist and criminal people."

"They mostly kill using the psychological warfare technique of their masters (the ISI) and then use the might of the media to hide the crime," a member of the Karachi Press Club told The Terrorland requesting not to be named. "We've not forgotten the gruesome murders of Shujauddin and of Tariq Malik. Unlike the brave Sulemani, they succumbed to the deathtrap."

He said that late Shujauddin's family has been silenced in the gang style! After his death, Dawn Karachi had published this ambiguous news item on June 6, 2008:

Dawn staffer passes away

KARACHI, June 5: Shujauddin, a Dawn staffer, passed away late on Thursday evening. He was 30. He became a journalist at a very young age while studying for a degree in Sociology and Education at Karachi University. He had 13 years of experience working in four English language newspapers. He joined this organization few months ago. Shujauddin had not been keeping well recently and was reported to be suffering from stresses.

According to a former employee who spent a very torturous period at Dawn, stress, schizophrenia and lunatic are the favorite terms of the mafia at Dawn, and even those who have a little education, act as if they are psychologists. "The Dawn management and its puppets among your colleagues will make circumstance the worst for you... if you don't belong to the right racial and sectarian groups or want to remain neutral regarding the criminal editorial policies... In this way either you are forced to leave the organization or you really become schizophrenic and commit suicide..."

"Shujauddin allegedly committed suicide but Dawn's ambiguous report above didn't say anything about it," said a media-person. "But at the (Karachi) Press Club, the mafia members used their traditional PR-ship... saying that he (Shujauddin) was schizophrenic and committed suicide. It's not true. We know it very well. They actually killed him. When the right time comes, people will come out with evidence."

Anyway, Shujauddin's death was a huge embarrassment for the owners of Dawn Media Group. The journalist community had also raised eyebrows on the criminal act of the mafia-like group at the newspaper. Only on June 8, 2008, Dawn Karachi reported the condolence:

Journalist’s death condoled

KARACHI, June 7: The Karachi Union of Journalists (Dawn Unit) held a meeting in the Newsroom of Dawn on Saturday to condole the death of Shujauddin, a journalist who had joined the organization recently and died on Thursday at the age of 30. Participants of the meeting expressed their heartfelt grief over his death and prayed to Almighty Allah to rest his soul in eternal peace.

A group of co-workers was feeling uncomfortable in the presence of late Shujauddin, who was an erudite and straightforward journalist. "They isolated him at office in their systemic way and started spreading rumors about his personal and family life. He ignored it at first as he was no more ready to go to any other newspaper... but as the intensity of attacks on him increased... it proved fatal," said a former colleague of the late journalist.

Some journalists say Shujauddin committed suicide due to the humiliation at the Dawn offices and Karachi Press Club. Others believe that he shot himself dead while a crime reporter says "the man had not touched a gun in his lifetime and someone else shot him dead... probably a hired target-killer of the MQM".

After the death of Shujauddin, people at the Dawn and Karachi Press Club were shocked and were blaming some of his colleagues for the tragic death. In such a situation, the traditional intellectual terrorism was the only weapon to shut up the mouths of critics of Dawn as the people there consider themselves backbone of a civilization in Pakistan.

Editor Dawn Zaffar Abbas
Insiders say that after the death of Shujauddin, there was an advice from Zaffar Abbas (then Resident Editor Dawn Islamabad) to his Editor Abbas Nasir, who was reportedly being dictated by Mr. Zaffar.

"On the advice of Zaffar, Dawn Sunday Magazine started a series of articles on suicide so that the murder of Shujauddin is technically justified and the suspicious journalist community is silenced," claims an insider.  

So, former shift-in-charge of Dawn Karachi, Shaikh Aziz, wrote the first piece according to the plan, which appeared in Dawn Magazine on June 15, 2008. The article, Psychoanalysis: The real realm, was an effort on the part of the Dawn Editorial Management to shift the blame towards the dead-man instead of the deathtrap organization.

The writer, tried to interpret the death of scholarly Shujauddin with the suicide of a Sindhi intellectual, Allama I. I. Qazi. Mr. Aziz wrote: “It may have been an impulsive reaction from a man known for his wisdom and immense knowledge of Islamic tenets. He was a self-made person who had led a highly disciplined life. But is it all as simple as it seems? Perhaps not!”

This article was discussed at length with reference to late Shujauddin at the Karachi Press Club and offices of media outlets, and the issue was tactfully diluted by the puppets of the Dawn Gang, said a reporter.

On June 22, 2008, Sadia Mehreen wrote another article in the Dawn Magazine: Disorders: Down in the dumps. It was an effort to interpret Shujauddin’s death in a clinical way to further dilute the criticism of family members and journalistic community: “The second highest disabling disease or disorder in the West, after heart disease, is depression. Almost 17 million American adults and approximately 50 per cent of Pakistan’s population are suffering from depressive illnesses."

Self Harm: Sore losers. This was the topic of the next article in the series of justification of the murder of a staffer of Dawn without talking about the pathetic working environment at the media outlet. Dr. Sabeena Jalal and Dr. Muhammad Shahid were the authors. It was published in the Dawn Magazine on June 29, 2008. “In recent years suicide has become a major public health problem in Pakistan,” they wrote. “In Karachi, a seven-year review of autopsies gave an average of 199 suicides per year." 

In the same edition of the newspaper, another article, Suicide facts, was published that said: "The majority of cases in Pakistan are of people under 30 years of age." Shujauddin fits in it technically!

An ad of Dawn News in daily Dawn
On July 06, 2008, the Dawn Magazine published yet another article in the series: Psychoanalysis: It’s all in the head! Zahra Ali Syed wrote: "Anger not only affects our lives and relationships but is also directly associated with depression. A person suffering from depression is likely to have severe mood swings, fatigue, and lack of energy, decreased or lost appetite, anger and anxiety. In severe cases of depression, patients become hopeless and distance themselves from society, which may result in excessive isolation, loneliness and even suicide attempts."

"This traditional tactic of intellectual terrorism worked for the time being but one day the fact will come in the open," said a former employee of Dawn Media Group currently working with another media group.

Like Shujauddin's death, the story of  Dawn News reporter Tariq Malik is equally tragic. When he was killed, the Dawn newspaper reported on March 23, 2009 that unknown gunmen shot him dead in Lahore when he tried to resist an  attempt to snatch his mobile phone. Dawn also wrote an editorial note, Tariq Malik: A brave struggle cut short, declaring the suspicious murder an incident of robbery.

However, on May 31, 2009, in a four-page Advertisement Supplement on Dawn News TV in the Dawn newspaper claimed something unexpected:

Tariq Malik (1979-2009)

"While reporting live from outside the Sharif Estate during the lawyers' movement, he was hit by a careless jeep driver. He sustained ankle injuries and was barely able to walk. However, he continued to do his duty. Tragically, Tariq Malik was killed a few days later in an apparent armed robbery."

So, according to Dawn's claim, the Sharifs (PML-N chief and ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and current Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif) killed reporter Tariq Malik. In the in-house discussions at Dawn Group,  the mafia members claimed that the Sharifs killed Mr. Malik as they had killed many labors and their leaders at their Foundries...

'Hypocrisy' of leading journalistic bodies especially the PFUJ and some senior journalists is a source of frustration for the new generation of media-persons in Pakistan. "When a journalist commits suicide at the Khabrain Media Group,  it becomes a news item but when a similar incident happens at Dawn Media Group it is hushed up in the name of prestige and so-called civilization," commented a member of the Lahore Press Club, requesting not to be named. "This kind of hypocritical behavior among the journalists is criminal in itself."

"The Dawn management engineered Tariq Mailk's assassination as they had planned a plot to kill Habib Sulemani with his family," said a senior journalist, "I heard that the people at Dawn had prepared even an obituary for Mr. Sulemani."

This is our media culture in today's militarized and Talibanized Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Media outlets have become battlefields... instead of editors, serving generals are running newspapers, TV and radio channels, and even websites. Security of the country and its 180 million inhabitants has been handed over to the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other militant groups. Long live Mr. Jinnah's Dawn and Pakistan!!
(Two reporters contributed to this post from Karachi and Lahore.)

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