September 20, 2011

Poetry turns into reality: war crimes case against Pakistani general

The Terrorland Report

Ex-ISI chief Lt-Gen. Javed Nasir 
faces war crime charges at the ICC
A POEM of Habib Sulemani has turned into reality! Yes. The Desi butchers are now really on way to The Hague. According to The Express Tribune, September 20, 2011, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has demanded the custody of Lt-Gen. Javed Nasir, former Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), for his alleged involvement in the Bosnian war crimes of the 1990s.

Gen. Nasir is a known as an Islamist general who during his tenure as the ISI chief -- from March 1992 to May 1993 -- had allegedly helped Muslims of Bosnia against Serbs despite an embargo by the United Nations (UN).

Also, Gen Nasir reportedly ignited Muslim-separatism in a trusted friend and neighbor's territory -- China’s Xinjiang region which is commonly known as Kashghar and is bordering Gilgit-Baltistan region.

As a part of its typical tradition, the Pakistan Army has refused to hand over the accused retired general to the ICC according to the global norms. “Islamabad had informed the court that the former general had ‘lost his memory’ following a recent road incident, and was, therefore, unable to face any investigation into the matter,” writes the newspaper.

Earlier, incumbent Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq P. Kayani and ISI head Lt-Gen. Ahmed S. Pasha had reported refused to appear before the UN commission on Benazir Bhutto assassination, saying that it was against their 'dignity' but later on, they just "held a meeting" with the commission.

This latest news about the ICC has given hope to the 180 million helpless people of Pakistan who are being terrorized by criminal and despot generals for about six decades. For their personal gain, these generals have put the future of the country at stake.

“God is merciful and smiling at us,” says a citizen, “come on, guys, let us pray—divine justice is knocking at the doors of the General Headquarters finally. Now they can't escape!”

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  1. u all must feel ashamed of ur self and stop this whole thing againt our beloved country. Do not unnec critcize ur armed forces.By the way no public of any country abuses their defence forces. U people know nothing what all army is sacrificing to defend the pak land.