September 21, 2011

World Peace Day — The Cyber Generation is Ray of Hope

By Nasira Parveen

"THEY are a ray of hope in the darkest era of Pakistan!" My brother (Habib Sulemani) said recently while talking about the Cyber Generation and future of civilization in the world.

"The world can't be a peaceful place until there is peace in Pakistan. And in Pakistan, there can't be peace until those criminal minds, who want to make planet earth a terrorland in the universe, are brought to justice," he said.

Today, the World Peace Day is being observed all over the world including the terror-hit Pakistan.

The children today are different than their patents and grandparents. No doubt, they are a ray of hope for the entire world. The new generation is naturally globalized... because it has the facilities of communication which the previous generations didn't dream even. Just a decade ago, internet was a rare thing, but now it is spreading in all directions rapidly.

In the photo (above), which I took yesterday at our home in Rawalpindi, these two kids are representatives of the Cyber Generation. Ujala, 9, is in Fifth Grade. She wants to become a doctor. Gul, 7, is in First Grade and he has yet to think about his future. They both are students of the Al-Amin Model School in my native Gulmit village, Gojal.

They came to see my brother from the landslide-hit Upper Hunza, which is cutoff from rest of the country since January 4, 2010. The kids took great interest in the internet as this modern facility is yet not available in our mountainous valley where even ration to the displaced and stranded 20,000 people is provided by the neighboring Chinese government.

Both kids become very friendly in their very first meeting. "They can be friends with anyone anywhere, in the virtual and real worlds. They are the bridge, and a bridging generation can only bring peace to our planet," he added.

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