October 14, 2011

Army Chief is the Editor-in-Chief of media in Pakistan

The Terrorland Report

IT'S almost one-and-half-year. The Terrorland is struggling for real democracy in Pakistan, and fighting against the ongoing militarization and Talibanization of our society. The military establishment, through the secret agencies, is using the powerful media and media-persons in its thoughtless, expensive and very dangerous warfare games on the national and international stages currently.

To fight a gang of armed-to-teeth criminals with the keyboards of laptops or desktops is indeed a very tough job in a country where the very security forces have become the number-one-public-enemy! So, in such a terrorizing environment, fighting for universal human values is the most dangerous thing. It needs the willingness to sacrifice many luxuries in life. And The Terrorland Team is fighting for the future of the entire world not only Pakistan. 

Professional journalists in the mainstream media confess that whatever The Terrorland publishes on the officially declared “taboo subjects” can't be expected to get space/time in the mainstream media—not even in the so-called free social media, which is being invaded by the military establishment gradually.

So, if a dubious website asks blogger Habib Sulemani to write for it—or an Islamabad-based English language newspaper [believed to be run by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)] offers him an editorial job without any guarantee of life security, or another newspaper asks him to write for it—what does it mean? This is what a media analyst has asked the Team

Anyway, after controlling the mainstream media, the military establishment is now in full control of a big part of the social media in Pakistan. The once free blogosphere has now become a mirror of the militarized mainstream media—even the Yahoo and Google groups have gone under the control of the Cyber Brigade of the ISI. "Directly, indirectly or with silence, the social media players are now promoting the militarization-cum-Talibanization policy of a bunch of rogue generals of the Pakistan Army." 

"Whatever the general public and journalists have observed or faced recently, better, the military establishment officially takes over all newspapers and TV channels under its control as the real editor of the mainstream media," said a senior journalist. "The Army Chief is actually the Editor-in-Chief of Pakistani media. Zaffar Abbas (Dawn) and M. Ziauddin (The Express Tribune) like puppet reporter-turned-editors must be replaced with the actual editors—I mean the generals in command!"

He suggested that the Print-lines of all newspapers should be 'uniformed' and they must read:

Editor-in-Chief: Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
Editor:  ISI chief Lt-Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha
News Editor: ISPR chief Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas

Similarly, the TV channels must announce names of the actual management team by now officially. 

Chairman: Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
Chief Executive Officer: Lt-Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha
Director News: Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas
"To the journalist community, it may seem a nightmare—but everybody knows how the editors, anchorpersons and media executives are controlled by the generals... like herds of sheep," he said, adding that the worst is coming ahead! "Interior Minister Rehman Malik – according to his khaki-masters’ voice – has recently given indication to block Google, YouTube and other websites that provide freedom of expression to the Cyber Generation in the Talibanized Republic." 

The Thought Police is just to come out of George Orwell's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four in the 21st century Islamic Republic of Pakistan! Not only Habib Sulemani and his family members but the whole The Terrorland Team is under attack from the ISI and its terrorist brigades. Therefore, if anything happens to anybody, the people in power would be responsible for it.  

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