October 29, 2011

Bird is free, man in cage for 19 months

The Terrorland Report 

LAST Saturday, the weather in Rawalpindi was rainy and cold. Karim -- the youngest of the Sulemanis -- went outside and found this wounded guy in the nearby park! The guy, actually a bird known as dove of peace, needed help as it had a wound in the neck, probably inflected by some beast or wild human predator!

According to sources, the park looks like a horror-picture as, instead of the symbol of peace, agents of Pakistan's criminal secret agencies are hovering over there 24 hours a day... monitoring a nearby small house, where journalist Habib Sulemani lives in solitary confinement for the last 19 months. The agents are intimidating the whole neighborhood but no-one dares to say anything. Hush! 

Karim took the bird home where it got treatment for the wound. After first-aid, the bird started eating and spent the night as a guest of the Sulemanis who have been isolated in the entire country since the highly planned attack on the family.

On Sunday, the bird was released. First it was reluctant to go away! However, after a long thought on the walls of the house, it finally flew in the free skies. Here are some exclusive photos:

The young man who rescued the injured bird during a rainy day.

The wound was not deep but it didn't let the bird to fly freely.

The bird felt uncomfortable when the wound was dressed. 

The guest, after supper, tries to analyze the surrounding. 

Spending the night with humans is different than in the wilds.

Before release, the symbol of peace listens carefully the words of goodbye.
The bird is free but the man is still in cage!

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