October 28, 2011

Fall of Qaddafi — tragic lesson for ambitious military-men

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AS it had been announced at the beginning of this year, The Terrorland is observing 2011 as Year of Women and Democracy in Pakistan. So most of our posts have a touch of it! It's a healthy thing that different posts provoke people... and they start dialogue on “taboo subjects” in our terrorized society. This behavior is a good omen for real democracy at grassroots level!

The generals and militants both should keep this in mind that in the current century and millennium, only dialogue and democratic behavior will solve problems both at individual and society levels. One respected reader Bashir Syed wrote recently: “Why do you undermine your own country by writing such posts!”

The Terrorland Team answered: “Mr. Syed, it is not undermining of the country but the persons who have undermined our national institutions as a result being an atomic power we have no power in the world... we want change of policies so that Pakistan becomes a respected, peaceful and prosperous nation state in the 21st century. Thanks for the response.”

People also comment on the Facebook page of The Terrorland posts. This post relates to those comments, which are very interesting. Those readers of this group blog who don’t visit our other social pages, this post may prove interesting. [The Team also focuses on this blog mostly.]

Here are the posts with comments from respected readers:

Borhaan Arifee: The URL is blocked. Can you put the articles of the Terrorland in its Facebook Notes, please?

The Terrorland: ‎Borhaan Arifee, welcome to The Terrorland! That is just one small side of the tyranny we are facing for 18 months. Okay, we are doing that NOTE.

The Terrorland: ‎"U.S. warns Pakistan after suspected Haqqani attack." What do you say!

Gilbert Smischny: All terrorism whether forgein or domestic must be stomp out to the last person. Attacking civilians to get at the government isn't helping anyone or anything.

Razi Mall: US is planning strikes in Pakistan. Involving the Haqani group of Taliban is just the start, there is no involvement of any taliban group in this attack, it is US itself like 9/11. and you all know what they did after that. So pakistanis, be prepared.

The Terrorland: Pak-US relations -- Why not music diplomacy? http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/10/pashtu-music-can-improve-af-pak-us.html

The Terrorland: ‎Nicolette Ladoulis, do you think Pak-US relations can improve in this way... music or musical diplomacy?

Nicolette Ladoulis: i cant read the article yet bcause i dont have full internet via this phone..meant to read tomorrow..BUT i like the idea. There was a pashtun singer who gave a concert in little rock arkansas--of all places!! :o. We have lots of pakistani people in the u.s. I dont think they do much, not an organized group. Very individualistic culture or it`s a closed culture, they keep to themselves. Will read tomorrow. But do u remember the US orchestra that recently played in north korea? Same idea. Everyone likes the cultural exchange idea, in general...it`s late for me, midnight, going back to sleep..

The Terrorland: THERE is a LESSON for Pakistani MILITARY-MEN in the tragic DEATH of COL. QADDAFI!

Syed Ali Raza: Would you plz explain

Nomy Gill: miDDle finGer fOr the haTerz of Pak Army... .i.

The Terrorland:  No need to go back in history, just this week, a Parliamentary body refused to attend Pakistan Army's briefing at the GHQ, saying that Parliament is Supreme than few Generals. For details read this: http://tribune.com.pk/story/272238/na-committee-snubs-armys-invitation

Syed Ali Raza: plz dare to write full truth.....a few days ago this parlimentary body went to GHQ for presentation...stop confusing people and defaming army The Terrorland

The Terrorland: Some people think The Terrorland is against social and national institutions. Let it be said again: No we are not. We are against those people who misuse their power including generals, judges, journalists and politicians. Habib Sulemani has said in a previous post: "People in Pakistan want a new Army, working under the democratically elected government. The Army should be a professional security agency not a policy-dictating body. Only in this way Pakistan can come out of the economical, social and political crises. Islam and Pakistan both are safe. However, criminal elements in the ruling class of the country are in danger." What kind of army Pakistan needs?

Shahid Khan: a democratically elected government has literally f****d every major institution of Pakistan...start from PIA..railways...wapda...banks...PEOPLE and list goes on...do you still want such a government to control our Military which to my view is only maintaining its credibility because it is not being dictated by the POLITICALLY ELECTED governments...think again

The Terrorland:  If an Army Chief doesn't obey instructions of an elected govt. (no matter how corrupt), he violates the Constitution. Such an Army Chief could be tried under charges of treason for which the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan says: CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. Now tell us, Shahid Khan, what we all are hearing about Army Chief Gen. Kayani for the last few years...?

The Terrorland: About PIA, Pakistan Railways etc... pls read this post: Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi funds equal to PIA & Railways budgets

Shahid Khan: plz talk in tangible terms....shoe me a time where Gen Kayani has defied any order by the so called politically elected government....he even at numerous times has said that decision making is govts job...well not do anything by ourselves...let them give orders and well follow...but problem is that no body has balls to give the order

The Terrorland: You seem a man from the ISPR ;) Anyway read the blog before any comment pls: "Everyone believes that Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani is running the affairs of Pakistan while the civilian elected government and Parliament are just cosmetic needs to meet global demands. From the honorable departure of former military dictator Gen. Musharraf to restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, the Kerry-Lugar bill issue to meeting of all Federal Secretaries at the GHQ, and many other examples are being counted how the Pakistan Army is actually ruling the country. So, Gen. Kayani is the main character to take decisions on part of Pakistan." US-Pakistan tense standoff — what next?

Shahid Khan: again broooo...ill ask you to talk in tangible terms...plz show some evidence instead of just speculations....i can start a blog saying you are a helper of terrorists with ease...does that mean your really are there helper....plz bring out some solid proof if you have apart from only your word.....i donot work for ISPR but my sense and rationale does not accept your thoughts...nor they will appeal to any other sane's person's mind....what i see is more of a personal agenda dominant here

The Terrorland: Universal truths need no proof! Anyway, we respect your point of view. Thanks for comments.

Shahid Khan: sun rises in the east...cuz it really does and proof..we see every morning....ice is cold...proof every one feels cold..even behind universal truths there are universally accepted proofs....but again thanks for listening with patience.

The Terrorland: By the way, proofs are provided in a court of law, and here, I think, your not a judge speaking at gunpoint from a courtroom anywhere in Pakistan ;) It seems evident that when finally the time of trail comes, people like you may come forward with evidence or be witnesses... some people say that Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi have already given evidence of ISI's crimes against own citizen to some international organizations after the deaths of Col Imam and Khaled Khwaja... God knows the best. http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/08/zaid-hamid-ahmed-quraishi-funds-equal.html

The Terrorland: Pakistan Parliament body snubs Army "briefing" invitation at GHQ.

The Terrorland: ‎"A parliamentary committee on national security refused to attend an army briefing at General Headquarters (GHQ) this week on the current security situation and Pakistan-US relations. The move is seen as an attempt by the panel to assert the supremacy of parliament on security issues, which otherwise are believed to be handled by the country’s powerful military establishment." http://tribune.com.pk/story/272238/na-committee-snubs-armys-invitation/

Shahid Khan: had hogayee gee...nakhra kerna he hai tu koi kaam ka nakhra kero...aur phir briefing sun ne chalay bhe gaye....had hai wesay....GHQ kon sa unhay arrest kernay bula raha tha...isi liye bulaya na k buzurgo aap baray ho aap aajao kiu k yeh kaam ki batay aap ko pata honi chahye

The Terrorland: The Parliamentary body headed by Raza Rabani didn't attend the GHQ meeting other two bodies reportedly attended due to fear of the Generals...

Shahid Khan: things like these are decided pretty advanced...its not like this k last night Gen Kayani recieved the call and was asked to give briefing the next day...it had been planned almost 2 weeks in advance at minimum...now some body had any objection regarding the venue he must / should have objected when he recieved instructions about the venue...they have briefed the parliament before at the designated venues....and i dont see any point here that GHQ refused to change the venue...its just bloody point scoring and nothing else

The Terrorland: Okay, you know the things at GHQ better than us. We just want to tell the generals follow the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which says the Parliament is Superior than the GHQ. That is it.

The Terrorland: “I have a sincere advice for the military establishment: refrain from dirty politics otherwise face the worst at the hands of the furious politicians, who remained silent for over six long decades but now are ready to burst out like a volcano… Generals! Respect democracy and democratically elected public representatives – in particular senators, members National and Provincial assemblies – no matter how foolish they seem to you... it is not your job to judge public representatives... they are your boss and as good soldiers, it is your duty to salute them and obey their orders. You are public servants; try to understand the terms and conditions of your services. Never try to act like masters... if you want to live with a shred of dignity in the changed world!” Generals’ deadly games put Pakistan in danger

Shahid Khan: ok :)....as i said before it is mostly a personal agenda working here....did it ever occur to you that there are at the most less than hundred generals present in Pak Army....i wonder why the 400 nationally elected representatives and hundreds of politically elected representatives are unable to control them....ever wonder why?????/

The Terrorland: Don't be so fool ;) You seem a guy with Kakul Syndrom :) The generals have guns and the Parliamentarians are armless... http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-kind-of-army-pakistan-needs.html

The Terrorland: ‎"On April 30, 2011, Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani addressed a gathering at the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi. It was telecast by the government-run PTV, followed by private news channels. In the next day, it was the lead of the vernacular newspapers while some English language newspapers missed it as the official news agency, the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), for some reasons, didn’t report it. I saw the event live on TV. I observed that during the Army Chief’s speech, Chairman Senate Farooq H. Naik, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and other civilian leaders' faces were grim—they seemed terrorized! On the occasion, General Kayani, in full uniform with a dozen badges and in the presence of a smart contingent of armed personnel, looked like a despot king! His speech seemed the statement of a political leader not the Army Chief, who is legally under the Defense Secretary who works under the Defense Minister." http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-kind-of-army-pakistan-needs.html

Shahid Khan: ok if you say that everone is afraid of Army Chief...let it be so...:)...they are elected by nation and nation should know the fact the person im voting for is afraid of Kayani...perhaps next time when you or anyone else votes...keep this in mind :)

The Terrorland: Thanks for validating the terrorizing role and policies of the GHQ...

The Terrorland: Who will win war between Pentagon-CIA & GHQ-ISI

Syed Ali Raza: Off course ISI-GHQ

Khalid Rind: ISI-GHQ, because they have nothing to loose.

The Terrorland: ‎@Ali, @Rind, thanks for the comments, would you both explain a bit how the GHQ-ISI is going to win the 'war' from Pentagon-CIA?? Others are also welcome to give their views freely and honestly here.

Syed Ali Raza: we are on right side....and believe me they will regret the day they decided to start war in afghanistan.....On top of that we are fight for right cause

Shahid Khan: yarr ever heard k PAK vs India mai kissi pakistani ne india ko jeetney k liye support kiya ho...ISI and GHQ is ours so being a Pakistani and being optimistic we will win

The Terrorland: Let's see but don't forget: Military men are dumb stupid animals or intellectuals?

Shahid Khan: and all the generals of Pak Army have more than two recognised degrees from the established institutions of Pakistan and abroad...here you can say k in Pak the universities give degrees cuz they fear Generals...but what about those who have got degrees from abroad....second you may consider them dumb but i consider them straight forward...in the last decade India brought forces to the borders first (not Pakistan) and war was on the verge but what stopped them was the prompt reaction by Pak Army...so its not mere ideology conspiracy by Generals...its the threat of a real enemy which has tried attacking Pakistan twice in last ten years..

The Terrorland: Let the wisdom of the civilians, who really count in democracy, take the seat so that there is peace and prosperity.

Shahid Khan: ok lets see....lets see the wisdom of one very learned People decide how to bring peace and prosperity....FYI jus today an old man lost his life waiting for his pension....oh im sorry...its not dictatorship anymore...its democracy

The Terrorland: I hope the man "waiting for his pension" was not a general...

Shahid Khan: yup not a general...nor a general was responsible for his death or for that matter provision of his pension

The Terrorland: Generals were not responsible only for this poor man's death but they are also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of other citizens... Pakistan is suffering due to these cunning, coward and sick-minded duffers... they consume 80 % of our budget... run businesses... dictate policies... and reduce politicians just funny characters and Parliament into a a rubber stamp...

The Terrorland: Poetry turns into reality: war crime case against Pakistani generals starts A POEM of Habib Sulemani has turned into reality! Yes. The Desi butchers are now really on way to The Hague. http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/09/poetry-turns-into-reality-war-crime.html

Shahid Khan: Bravo general...atleast someone had the gutts to stand up to the brutal murders of hundreds of thousands of Bosnian Muslims

The Terrorland: Remember: violence is not the answer. This is what Islam's message of peace tells the world for over 14,00 years.

Shahid Khan: violence is not the answer up to a limit....when hundreds and thousands are killed and same numbers as far as rape is concerned than i guess its the only soloution

The Terrorland: Peace always wins!

Shahid Khan: yeah .....and before posting anything plz carry out a lil research....this gentleman never ever provided the Bosnian Muslims with any kind of weaponary nor training to fight them....he just organised them for protection and safety...and that is the crime he is accused of....because as per UN mandate he was not supposed to interfere in the war at any cost....but i guess the general was a human being and couldnot see the fellow muslims suffer the shame and pain caused by there annihalators.....his crimes are not against humanity rather his crime is to save humanity...which was prohibited by the UN at that time...as i already said...some research before you post something here:)

The Terrorland: BBC Urdu says it has the documents in which Ex-ISI chief Lt-Gen. Javed Nasir had proudly said before the Lahore High Court that he did it in the Balkan, but when the International Criminal Court (ICC) reportedly demanded custody of him "for his alleged involvement in the Bosnian war crimes of the 1990s", the Pakistani military establishment reportedly said that the Ex-ISI boss had lost memory... and then one day his son said: "my father remembers only Quranic verses". Such a strategy can't satisfy the world in this cyber age. The Pakistani generals must change their traditional visionless policies which have brought the country on the verge of collapse. That is why people say: military men are dumb stupid animals not intellectuals... so they should know their intellectual position in the democratically changed world otherwise they will suffer the most than the people in misery: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/05/military-men-are-dumb-stupid-animals-or.html

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