October 31, 2011

Gilgit-Baltistan be given representation in Pakistani Parliament

The establishment’s policy of fear-and-terror will work no more 

The Terrorland Report 
PAKISTAN’S powerful military establishment was shaken by a previous post Gilgitis Can't Be MP, Chief Secretary, Army Or Police Chiefs In Pakistan. The generals want to maintain the status quo in the region, and are not willing to give the region a constitutional status as a province of Pakistan. That is why they didn’t allow the present civilian government to take ahead its policy of reforms in the region.
Today, Rehman Pak, one of the admins of The Terrorland’s Facebook page, left a comment in the cyberspace. Raees Kamil Jan Baigal, who had been named in the above mentioned post, has clarified his point of view, which, according to some natives, is the same point of view the ‘tyrant’ establishment is being expressed since 1947.

“It’s because Mr. Baigal works for a government-run bank,” said a government official."Any government employee will do the same. This is not the time of SSP Amir Hamza. That man is dead long ago!"

Anyway, we appreciate the dialogue and encourage both the people of the deprived region and Pakistani establishment to resolve the 64-year-long issue through dialogue. The policy of fear and terror will work no more.

Gilgit-Baltistan must be given constitutional rights and representation in the Pakistani Parliament. This is a must otherwise some frustrated youth threaten that people of the strategically important region would be forced to opt for the vacant seats in the Indian Parliament.

Here is the unedited cyber-interaction of the two gentlemen:
Rehman Pak: Tomorrow is the Independence Day of Gilgit-Baltistan. On November 1, 1947 during a revolt, the locals got freedom from the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir and then acceded to Pakistan but, unfortunately, even 64 years later they have no Constitutional rights and representation in the Pakistani Parliament. Therefore, people consider this day the Independence Lost Day! The bureaucracy has this strategy: "Whenever the Gilgitis demand Constitutional rights, just give guns in their hands they will start fighting... or beat a drum they will start dancing... and forget everything in the world?" http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/10/gilgitis-cant-be-mp-chief-secretary.html
Raees Kamil Jan Baigal: Dear Rehman Pak, neither your account has been blocked and nor any of the comments from your side has been deleted. We have full capacity to answer the question being asked from you and any of the Journalist and Critique.

I wish if you can’t compare my mustaches with Sarmad saeed Khan shb.

Plus your concern regarding the issues that our Students have been neglected to get the position of CS, IGP, and other in Pakistan. CSS is not banned on us, in Islamabad we have get special Packages for youth of GB so that they can compete on CSS Examination. For Being IGP, CS, and Secretaries we have to have passes superior Exams for which no one from Pakistan is hindering our routes, it’s our own wish, desire and hard work which is needed to get those position you wished for GB youth.

I am representing GB in National Bank Pakistan, Batch (MTO-VI), among 15000 candidates we were 70, being selected for said batch. All were from Pakistan’s 4 province, GB, and Kashmir. I am in Islamabad since last 7 years so far I have never felt any sort of differences among others and us.

While for question of National And constitutional rights we have raised voices everywhere for getting things on constitutional ways. Its now Pakistan People Party which has made us empowered through our own CM, Governor and all setups.

Its not intelligence Agencies, Federal Beauracy, Army its we Local people of Gilgit-Baltistan who have elected Mehdi Shah as CM and other Wazir as custodian of GB. In future I hope constitutional Questions will be answered if we elected visionary leadership for genuine custodianship.

So please let the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan to get through the CSS exams, to get vision from their elders, and connect youth for positive change. GBVM (Connecting youth for positive Change)

Rehman Pak: I was blocked and the few comments were deleted immediately. And I was not able to access to the group. Still I can't get in. That is the whole truth. 

Rehman Pak: I was blocked and the few comments were deleted immediately. And I was not able to access to the group. Still I can't get in. That is the whole truth.

Raees Kamil Jan Baigal: I am adding you but it comments as, you are already member of this group.

Rehman Pak: I don't know. God as a Creator of the World or you, as a Creator of that Group, can know better! Thanks. Bye.

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