October 9, 2011

“Kayani is a true General of the soldiers”

The Terrorland Report [UPDATED]

Pakistan Army chief Gen. Kayani among soldiers. (NNI)
BELIEVE it or not, the non-commissioned soldiers love Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani as a 'true' General of the soldiers! 

Some people had been complaining that The Terrorland group blogs were very harsh on Gen. Kayani and his 'cronies' (although the criticism is in good faith for improvement in the traditional criminal behavior so that there is peace and prosperity in Pakistan). 

Critics accuse bloggers especially Habib Sulemani as working against the "national interest" of Pakistan. They often say: “You’re pointing out his (Kayani's) 'negatives' but ignore his 'positives' as a 'soldier' and the 'son' of a soldier.”

The face-to-face interaction with some Facebook-generation soldiers of the Pakistan Army, unexpectedly gave birth to this post! These common soldiers claimed that they had been serving the nation with grace and dignity since Gen. Kayani took over as Army Chief. 

“Kayani is a true General of the soldiers,” said a non-commissioned member of the Pakistan Army. “He is the son of a Subadar (non-commissioned officer) and is well aware of the difficulties of the common solders.”

Gen. Kayani has not forgotten his modest upbringing in a village near Rawalpindi, sources said, and that is why he has given more facilities to the common soldiers than any of his predecessors since 1947. He is the first Army Chief who is the son of a common soldier not a commissioned officer or from a civil services, business or political background.  

The difference between the commissioned officers and common soldiers has become almost invisible. “The tyrant behavior and abusive language of the Kakul-trained officers is also changing,” said a soldier. “We can do anything we’re ordered to do—we can sacrifice our lives without any judgment of a right or wrong cause—but in reward we want respect and dignity as human being—nothing else.”

"It means The Kakul Syndrome is no more there?"

“I don’t know,” said the solder, “if any commissioned officer is not happy with him (Gen. Kayani), it may be because he is a commoner and works for the welfare of the common soldiers. Earlier, we used to wear a low quality uniform but now the officers and solders are given the same good quality uniforms.”  

Here are some of the facilities a sepoy (the lowest grade common combatant soldier) is being given since Gen Kayani took over as Army Chief:

1-     Salary has doubled from Rs.10,000 to Rs. 20,000 (approximately) and the increase has been added in the basic salary.
2-     The standard of family residential areas at cantonments has been improved and “now there is almost no difference between an officers' colony and a soldiers' colony". 
3-     Ration (food) has been doubled: for example three breads per solder has been increase to six breads per soldier at a time. 
4-     A solder is given high quality uniform or Rs. 2,600 in cash to purchase the military outfit and the same amount is given to a four-star general as well.
5-     Monthly pension of a retired soldier has also been doubled from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000 (approximately). Rs. 6,000 is the minimum wage in Pakistan.
6-     The amount of commute at retirement has doubled from Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 600,000 (approximately).
7-     Residential plots are also being given to non-commissioned officers (from hawaldar onwards).
8-     The facilities and benefits for the martyred or disabled soldiers have been multiplied in the same way.

The salary of the non-commissioned officers, from Lance Naik to Subadar Major, has increased in the same way. Their salary is now around Rs. 50,000. 

What would be the consequences of the "political rule" of Gen Kayani for Pakistan, only time can give any judgment in this regard! But, so far, his two-time period (hope there is not yet another 'extention' in the future) as the Army Chief has made the common soldiers of the Pakistan Army very happy! Or this is what the above mentioned intearation shows. Allah knows the reality about the one million military men in our terror-hit Islamic Republic of Pakistan!  

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