October 25, 2011

Pashtun stateswoman can bring Taliban back to normal life!

The Terrorland Report 
Bushra Gohar – the dignified face 
of Pashtuns in Pakistan.
NONE but a Pakistani Pashtun stateswoman can bring the Taliban back to normal life, ending the ongoing decade-long Global War on Terror, which has shaken not only Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the United States of America but also hundreds of thousands of people around the wold. 

"Bushra Gohar is an ethnic Pashtun leader, and she knows the Pashtun-dominated Taliban very well. She can bring the militants back to normal life, if the Pakistani military establishment steps back and gives her an opportunity," says a journalist. "The so-called machoism of the political and military establishments have failed us... it's time to give women a chance who have inborn qualities of bridging gaps."   

Ms. Gohar, 56, is the dignified face of Pashtuns in Pakistan. "Looking at her, it becomes crystal clear that the Taliban are neither the true face of the Pashtuns nor Islam."

Currently, she is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and part of the assembly’s Standing Committees on Finance, Revenue, Interior and Kashmir Affairs. In the Parliament, she represents the Pashtun-nationalist Awami National Party (ANP) of which she is also a Senior Vice-President.

Wikipedia says Ms. Gohar has a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from USA, and has over 19 years experience in policy, influence, development and human rights programs in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. 

"She has been a member of the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), National Council on Social Welfare, Chair of the South Asia Partnership-International (SAP-I), Regional and Global Vice President of the International Council of Social Welfare (ICSW) and a member of a number of Provincial and Federal Government’s advisory committees on women and children’s rights. 

Ms. Gohar, first from right, at a conference. (Pics via Google)
"She has represented the civil society and the Government of Pakistan in the United Nations and other International forums on several occasions. During the course of her professional career, Ms. Gohar has had the opportunity to work with a number of local and International NGOs and donor agencies on a number of large multi-sector projects."

With such a rich profile, this graceful Pashtun leader is having a confidence which, unfortunately, majority of the Pakistani parliamentarians lack today. Although a fair-sex, but she is said to be stronger than the military leadership of both Pakistan and the United States!! 

Why she is so strong and brave? It may have many reasons: 1) She is a Pashtun traditionally considered brave people; 2) She is actually a fearless village girl as she was born in Jhandha, a village in district Swabi; 3) She is the daughter of a classical officer of the Pakistan Army, Colonel (retired) Ali Gohar Khan; 4) She has got the wisdom of both East and West through education and trainings.

The would-be stateswomen of Pashtuns in Pakistan.
This year in August, Ms. Gohar stunned the entire Pakistani Parliament by talking on a taboo subject: corruption of Rs. 56 billion in the military budget. No-one dared to talk on it... not even the so-called elected civilian government... even the terrorized local media didn't report Mr. Gohar, except the BBC Urdu.

Independent analysts believe that Mr. Gohar has the charismatic leadership to lead the Pakistani nation. She is considered a pride of the Pakhtunkhwa province. 

But, some critics claim that being a member of a provincial nationalist party, it's impossible for this graceful lady to become President or Prime Minister of Pakistan. However, they say she could be an efficient provincial Governor or Chief Minister if the ANP leadership says goodbye to politics of inheritance and nepotism!

The Terrorland Team believes if Bushra Gohar couldn't become a highest ranking government/party leader, even then she would be a historic figure; the generation of Pashtun women she is nourishing as a motherly figure, would certainly attain higher ranks not only in the terror-hit province and country but also globally!

1-  Bushra Gohar gives her party's point of view on an issue to an English channel.

2-  Ms. Gohar during a TV discussion in the national language Urdu. 

3-  Ms. Gohar addresses a public gathering in her native Pashto language.


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  1. Pakistani stateswoman Bushra Gohar Demands ISI chief Lt-Gen Pasha's resignation in the Military-gate (or memogate)scam. Bravo!
    However, ISI hackers remove Gen Pasha resignation video whenever posted on The Terrorland Facebook page:

    See video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-WYrUg6FAS4

  2. ISI nothing just working as an idiotic tool to facilitate people of their own kind back in the territories from where they hail (a big middle finger for such officials). ISI must be banned for the betterment of Peaceful Pakistan, now a days ISI role is :- IF YOUR DAUGHTER SISTER OR ANY OTHER RELATIVES HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG INTENTIONALLY OR UNINTENTIONALLY THEN JUST REFER THE SAME TO EMOTIONALLY IGNORANT FREAKS OF THE DEPARTMENT THEY WILL HANDLE THE SAME IDIOTICALLY EITHER BY USING GOVERNMENT'S STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGIES (AMERICANS MADE) OR OTHER WAYS main goal would be TO BRING HELL IN THE LIVES OF INNOCENT PEOPLE like me. Fuck you ISI...


    Who is this Lady WOW sounds she might have enormous knowledge on different subjects.