November 5, 2011

Balti music can do what the bloody 'strategic assets' can't

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PASHTO music can improve Af-Pak-US relations! Yes! This post was appreciated and there were demands of similar posts to make the tribal narrow minds of the people-in-power broader... to meet challenges of the globalized world in the Cyber Age! 

Pakistan has granted India, in trade, the Most Favored Nation status the other day. The Hindu has termed it as "a big leap forward in bilateral relations". Now, if Pakistan's military establishment allows the Zardari-led fragile elected government to make a revolutionary cultural policy -- besides a soft visa policy, so that artists and common people could move easily in the region without any fear or hurdles -- it can do miracles regarding peace and prosperity in South Asia.

Music can do what Pakistani's bloody strategic assets (read Taliban and Al-Qaeda) can't...

One wonders: if our duffer generals and their civilian lackeys have ever thought about the role of Hollywood and Bollywood in global politics... they both are more powerful than the nuclear arsenal of the United States of America and Republic of India.

This is a point to ponder for our mighty generals, who, despite having the glorified atom bombs under their arms, are trembling with fear of any attack... and either depend on the self-made barbaric militants or intellectually-bankrupt characters (like Zaid Hamid)...!

Generals! Think about the power of music and poetry!

This post is on Baltistan's fantastic music. Many people have written on the peaceful Balti people and their Tibetan-mixed rich culture. With their Mongol features, the Balti people are truly Asian. Out of the about 300,000 Baltis in the world, the majority lives in Gilgit-Baltistan while some live in parts of India and China.

While talking about the Balti people and culture, Wikipedia says: "Although climatic conditions are harsh and inhospitable, the village people of Baltistan are among the most friendly and hospitable of mountain peoples in Pakistan. Evolved out of 106 years of slavery under the Dogra rulers and innumerable decades under local despotic Rajas, the predominant population of today’s Baltistan is religiously and ethnically homogeneous.

"Baltistan is proud of her thousands of years of rich civilization. Her architecture, costumes, cuisines, festivals, dances, language, script and epics make her unique among her neighbors, especially within the contemporary Northern Areas. The local culture is a blend of that of Ladakhi and Islamic rituals."

The Balti writers and intellectuals, especially Ghulam Hassan Hasni and Syed Abbas Kazmi, are working hard to promote the local art and literature according to the needs of the Cyber Age.

The youth culture of Baltistan is in transition. The new generation is curious and sometimes romanticizes its roots in Tibetan region. The people of Baltistan want to know more about the Baltis in Ladakh (India) and Shaksam valley (China), but there are brutal borders. They can't speak to their relatives across the borders.

Here are some pieces of music which The Terrorland Team has selected after thorough research. Besides enjoyment, this small collection from the You Tube can also give many visitors of The Terrorland blogs some food for thought!

1- Balti song from Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan 

2- Balti song from Kargil, India

3- Balti song dubbed with Nepali video by a cybergeek   

4- Balti song dubbed with Pakistani video 

5- Balti music dubbed with Afghan dance

6- Shangri-la: Tibetan song, roots of Balti culture, from communist China

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