November 29, 2011

Delusion of communism: Pakistan Army uses leftists as weapon

By Habib R. Sulemani 

FRENCH writer Jean-Paul Sartre with philosopher partner
Simone de Beauvoir meet Che Guevara in 1960. (Wikipedia)
FORGET about Faiz Ahmed Faiz and his desi tribe, just look at that French public intellectual, existentialist philosopher and globally admired writer who refused Nobel Prize in Literature but played rugby with Marxism – the immature sociopolitical worldview! Yes, I'm talking about Jean-Paul Sartre.

Sartre didn't go to Stockholm to receive the prestigious prize from the Swedish King but with his philosopher partner Simone de Beauvoir went to Cuba probably for a political debate with the like-minded revolutionists! There Sartre sits obediently before an uncanny young Taliban-like communist warrior, Che Guevara. This is what I've seen in a thought-provoking black-and-white photograph and it appears that the warrior talks mostly while the intellectual couple listens silently!

I really wonder about the intellectual levels of the "brutal killer" and the "peacemakers" who follow almost the same philosophy of life. Others may ignore or glorify the characters in the photograph due to their personal choice or intellectual prejudices, but for any independent thinker, it speaks volumes about life and philosophy in the 1960's. That tumultuous era affected the lives of millions of people worldwide, and haunts many even in the 21st century when the world faces insurgency and recession due to former American president George W. Bush's mismanaged Global War on Terror!

Any ‘ism’ that considers itself final authority on political science and economy, invites destruction to the whole society. It often leaves millions of innocent victims behind who often never know the face of the real culprit. The tyranny of ruthless 'isms' is more painful than anything else especially for the intellectual lot. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the tyranny and delusion of communism go parallel to the military establishment’s self-styled jihadism. Pakistan Army uses both 'leftists' and 'rightists' as weapons. That is why like the Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawer Hassan, the London-based Communist Guru Tariq Ali also favors Taliban, the "strategic assets" of Pakistan Army. What a deceptive similarity!

Actually, the leftists and rightists are two sides of the same coin. The Jamaat-e-Islami chief was a former communist who suddenly became the Moudodi-brand Islamist. During Army Chief Ishfaq Kayani's recent meeting with political parties, Mr. Hassan showed the bigotry of both left and right while defending the Army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chiefs!

When countries like China and Saudi Arabia are evolutionary coming towards democracy and free market economy, Pakistani military is not ready to accept democracy in this militarized republic. The generals directly through their illegal actions and indirectly through their stooges try to disgrace the very concept of democracy. And in this bloody exercise, they spend millions from the national exchequer of our globally alms-seeking Islamic Republic, which has about 100 atomic bombs in the stores of the Pakistan Ordnance Factories Wah Cantt, but lacks money for education and healthcare facilities in the country!

The good thing about democracy and free market economy is that they are naturally evolutionary not revolutionary; so the structure of both can be entirely different in the coming ages than what is being practiced today. However, the intellectually-bankrupt generals are still determined to live in the hotchpotch world! They neither fully support the Islamic system of governance nor let the democratic process get deeper roots. In the absence of intellectual depth, every generation of the generals keeps uprooting democracy due to the fear of loss of control over state assets. The generals are the biggest enemies of Pakistan who abuse the constitution and still pose themselves as the most patriot segment of the society. What a shameless creatures! 

In our society worshiping of the so-called heroes still goes on unabated. Realism has become a fantasy! When one sees an idealist youth with a Che Guevara-shirt or a Facebook profile pic of the Argentine Marxist revolutionary, it's understandable! What makes Che Guevara – a brutal killer who was killed in the same brutal manner – so charming for a youth today? Some of the reasons are given below:

1- Che was a photogenic symbol of anti-Americanism for the so-called leftists during the cold war. So their loyal friends and family members follow the non-Muslim Taliban leader even today.

2- Those who still romanticize guerrilla wars – a common characteristic of rightist jihadists and leftist communists – for them 'Guevara' is synonymous with 'guerrilla' wars. 

3- The brutal killing of the young Che compels people to forget his own brutalities and sympathize with him as people do with Baloch leader Akbar Bugti in Pakistan.

4- Ignorance is also a big reason! People don't know much about the history of the so-called Cuban Revolution. Communist Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were puppets like the Jihadist Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. The earlier two gamers wanted to play in the hands of the neighboring United States of America (USA) but when there was no positive response, they became revolutionary communist-play-boys of the opposite camp, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

5- What was the result of the struggle and sacrifice of Che? His boss Fidel Castro first became Prime Minister, then President and finally First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba. He ruled like a despot military dictator from February 16, 1959 to April 19, 2011 and the people are still poor. Similar to the despot Arab rulers, Castro gave power to his younger brother, Raúl Castro, and now the romantic dream of an "immortal revolution" of Che is just a family business in the communist Cuba as it's in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

6- The Castros of Cuba, Kims of North Korea, and Bhuttos and Sharif of Pakistan may follow different ‘isms’ but at heart they all are the same despot dictators who make the common people suffer to benefit their own families. 

7- What is the reality about the revolution fantasy? The leftists in denial never dare to look at their chameleon-like posture in the mirror like their twins in the jihad business: the rightists! Thus the Pakistani military establishment, especially the ISI, uses the communists in denial in a glorified way using the leftist literature as it uses Quranic literature for the rightists.

8- The problems-hit new generation becomes a victim of intellectual terrorism at the hands of the leftists like the rightists! Policymakers need to come out of their utopian political illusions to face brutal realities bravely without playing with the future of the new generation. In this way, people would be able to elect talented leaders to keep political and economical balance in the society.

Conclusion:  The Pakistani military establishment and its puppet political parties should stop playing their dirty game through the unscrupulous leftists and rightists (who support each other intellectually as well as strategically no matter it's in Afghanistan or anywhere else).

Generals! Don't you see the volcano within? If it erupts then there would be nothing left for you and your puppet politicians! Stop looting your own people and country! Have some pity on the over 184 million people of Pakistan! Stop the crimes against humanity to get personal benefits! If not then your jobs, businesses, huge lands and everything would be gone... Remember, when terror reaches the last stage, then it along the perpetrators evaporates systematically and Pakistan is in this last stage!

My countrymen and women! Listen to Arieb Azhar's amazing song and get back all the lost hope! These generals are gone, believe you me! Long live the people of Pakistan!
"Mere des me hen imkaan bohot, aas umeed armaan bohot
Sehraa me ek boond gire, chashma pathar se phootte
Sakht seet me dhoop khile, daryaa me koyi leher utthe
Mere des ke baasi yaar bohot, warafta den pyaar bohot
Shagufta lehjon me, besaakhta ulfat ki
Sadrang baaten karte hen, kaano me rass bharte hen
Mere des me hen imkaan bohot, aas umeed armaan bohot"


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  1. And it ends with "My dear countrymen" .... میرے عزیز ہموطنو .....

    I hope you are not treating yourself as a "general-in-the-making" ;-)

  2. Pakistan is for the army than the other way around. It uses Islam in curriculum and Hindu/India hatred to remain in power even when civil govt is in place. isi successfully double crossed US in fight on terror to save it's proxies the Taliban. Now it sees Chinese card in it's interests but it will soon discover that China is no sugar daddy like US.

  3. Response on the Facebook on this post:

    Rehman Pak: Delusion of communism - a thought-provoking analysis of communism regarding Jean-Paul Sartre, Che Guevara and Faiz Ahmed Faiz: A must-read, guys.

    Ather Khan: This is interesting !
    system of delusion created by the western hegemonic powers : Global Capitalism !!
    Georg Lukacs .. an eminent in the thought of delusion created under capitalism !

    Rehman Pak: Ather, just read it, no-one had pointed out such a thing ever before as Habib Sulemani has done in this article. Really interesting:

    Ather Khan: i read it ... quite interesting...
    looking at it from a different aspect here are some over the top reasons for WHY ???
    the political landscape in Pakistan is completely different. The picture is very distorted, very dis-figured and extremely volatile. The best thing about Pakistan is also the worse thing about Pakistan. The West, the Zionists, the Masonic-Order, have tried their level best to get a grip at the helm of Pakistan's Power. They've tried it with Pakistan's Military, with Pakistan's Political Leadership, with the People of Pakistan. However, every time they've failed, be it in the shape of Musharraf, Nawaz, Benazir and Kiyani. The Zionist-Masonic Order has failed to understand the fundamentals which govern the Pakistani Mentality, and those are ....... there are none!! The Pakistani people are as divided for politicians as they are united for them, which makes them a very unstable vote bank.

    Rehman Pak: Actually it is the Pakistan Army, according to this article, the generals, who are playing the divide-and-rule game... that is why the use the divided people as the military is the only organization....

    Ather Khan: i totally agree with u .. ! :) i said "from a different aspect "

    Rehman Pak ‎;)
    BTW, Ather, you must read this one as well: "Pakistan Army & ISI chiefs face corruption charges: "President Zardari demanded Rs2 billion from real-estate tycoon Malik Riaz.... * Malik made Gen. Kayani’s brother business-partner on Presidential threats... * ISI chief owns many commercial plazas in Rawalpindi and Islamabad..."

  4. (Continued from previous)

    Ather Khan: haha this is a good one too ... but its a blog... i believe in the post structuralist thought of use of language and its meaning in interpreting things !
    i am more interested in WORLD POLITICS rather than PAKISTANI politics ... yes i am interested when Pakistan is dragged into headlines, it's foreign policies etc i find other issues as pity issues. we should move on with them... and to my opinion think about Pakistan's vital role in the future as an ISLAMIC nuclear state and what role we have to play in it... (foreign policy)... zulfiqar mirza imran khan zardari kyani isi chief ... these all are just helpers in dragging Pakistan through the face.... people like being opressed here under this hegemonic powerful actors... ! still hoping one of the politicians is our only hope... !! we dont need a Phd to know how we the people are decieved by everyone above us ! so i rest my case with PK politics !! we have a vital role to play in the near future.. if we prepare for that rather than indulge ourselves in discussing this ongoing pk politics... we might be dumbfounded when the real time comes to act !

    Saqlain Imam: I have never read such a delusional piece by a self-boasting blogger/writer/thinker etc...! The blogger has no understanding of 'left' or 'right'! He has given such a superficial analysis of some very serious issues which deserved much deeper analysis! He doesn't know that different "isms" are as much different from each other as the pole could be from the South pole! Can you believe that "journalism" or "professionalism" could be similar to "communism"! One may disagree with Marxism, but no intelligent person could make Marxism as an ideology link with Taliban's way of life: one is forward looking while the other is completely a way of going back to the stone-age! But since the blogger is absolutely intellectually dishonest he has tried to sell his poor way of thinking in a well-wrapped way of marketing himself as if he is a post-modernist free thinker! Comparing Tariq Ali with Munawar Hasan just because Munawwar Hasan once was a "communist" is an example of distortion of facts! Moreover, the claim on his blog that the army is "trying to stop its (his novel) publication" is obviously preposterous because now we are living in an age where publication is not difficult! If his novel of any worth any one can publish it in Pakistan, UK or India! I think I have given too much time to this post!! Only a supporter of a mindless monetarist could think like this and this mindlessness is the major cause of the present financial disaster and the major enemy of the Occupy Wall Street Movement!

    Rehman Pak: ‎@Ather Khan, you couldn't say what you had to say, may be you are not a critical mind or may be a shy one ;) but @Saqlain Imam has really presented a great critique. Thank you sir :)


  5. (Continued from back)

    Ather Khan: haha i didn't want to say anything about the topic itself. i also totally agree with Mr Saqlain Imam i have read all theories in international relations from main approaches (realism.neo realism, liberalism, neo liberalism TO alternative approaches: poststructuralism, post colonialism post modernism ) i understand the subject clearly ! :) i just look at the world from a very different aspect ! im a student of Islamic Eschatology & Law with politics :) and yes i was shy to shoot out my thoughts clearly ... i dont see any relevance here as these are just mere blogs so i second with Mr Saqlain imam !!

    Rehman Pak: Thanks a lot, Ather, nice to know that about you. And thank you Mr Saqlain Imam. As a member of The Terrorland Team, I really appreciate and respect your points of view. The main object of The Terrorland group blogs is to force people especially the new generation to think critically and creatively... in the Army-controlled mainstream media such a thing is forbidden... not possible for our most respected journalists and writers... they're being terrorized... the generals kill critical minds as they need blind followers who can wear suicide jackets without any question and enter into the ISI-built heaven with a click on the remote-control.... critical thinking, freedom of thought and freedom of expression are being denied in both communism and militarized-jihadism... but critical thinking is the only way to bring peace and prosperity in our small world! Thanks again, Bye.

  6. Another FB debate:

    Rehman: ‎"The Pakistani military establishment and its puppet political parties should stop playing their dirty game through the unscrupulous leftists and rightists. Generals! Don't you see the volcano within? Stop looting your own people and country!" writes Habib Sulemani in a thought-provoking analysis of communism regarding Jean-Paul Sartre, Che Guevara and Faiz Ahmed Faiz:

    Shahid: aik cheez ki kami hai bas......

    Naara e Takbeer...................
    Allah o Akbar

    Salman: religious extremism and equality aka communism are two absolute opposites.. capitalists likely produce terrorists which has been proven over a period of time already..

    Muneeb: communism is a reactionary ideology just like religious extremism.....

    Rehman: ‎Muneeb, thumbs up for you, young thinker :) BTW did you read the new critique to this article in the comments section? A must-read man:

    Muneeb: i don't have much time these days....but i surely will when i get some spare time.Thanks :)

    Salman: I respect your opinion but please study communism before relating to the obvious evil aka religious extremism.. Equality & justice is what one thrives for, and socialism remains the only answer..

    Kamran: Socialism may be look like the only answer, but as an economic system it has failed, there is not a single instance of socialism succeeding in bringing prospoerity to a nation. While social safety nets need to exist for the portion of the population that requires them, it is only capitalism that can sustain those safety nets financially.