November 19, 2011

Global peace — countries need women as leaders

The Terrorland Report

A woman is a peace-maker and man is worrier by nature, and our world needs independent female leaders today. 

THE photo of this woman – uneducated and poor, probably from the deserts of the Subcontinent, but blessed with a kind heart – is being circulated on the Facebook. What The Terrorland could not say in its series of posts on women leaders in the conservative regions of Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan), this single photo has said it all!

The kind heart not makes a woman a better mother only but also proves her a better leader. Therefore, our warring countries need women as real and independent leaders to make peace in our polarized world. 

After the assassination of former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan is lacking real and independent women leaders on the political stage today. Those women, who speak their mind freely, are victimized by the draconian secret agencies (read ISI and MI), and are forced to resign from active politics.

Pakistan’s militarized and Talibanized society discourages women's active role outside the house. Indeed, we have some women in the armed forces, but they are just cosmetic to deceive the world! Traditionally, the military establishment uses women as a strategic card to play its dirty games.

Today, there is not a single female general in the armed forces, and not a single judge in the apex courts of Pakistan. It's a dilemma at national and human levels, and a major reason behind our suffering. But the ruling class and pillars of the state are happy in the absence of women leaders.

What a shame!

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  1. Comments on this post in the cyberspace

    Tariq: Another theme from Langley.....we know it already....

    Rehman: Tariq, the post is worth-reading actually not the pic!

    Tariq: The title is smelling it is on the theme list of who don't care in this regard. I shall read it after some time and then would give my view.


    R.Mattingley: It could be an excellent thing. I certainly think Benazir was good for Pakistan (outsider's view again). Not totally sure about some of the other women leaders in recent history, including my own country's Prime Minister, who has recently entered an agreement with the US to have a greater US military presence in Australia, against the wishes of many Australians. Quite often, these women are simply female versions of men, not necessarily with the qualities that might change people's outlook or understanding or approach to tackling problems.

    RehmanP: Good point, Rose. But I think due to this point, The Terrorland blog insists on "real" and "independent" women leaders... not those dominated by men or as you say, "female versions of men" :)

    R.Mattingley: How do we educate such women leaders? And get men to accept them?! Thanks for your thought-provoking posts.

    RehmanP: As a member of The Terrorland Team, I can say the whole society needs to be educated to accept women as equal human beings on planet earth. That is why we are observing 2011 as a year of women and democracy, and this post is a part of it. According to Habib Sulemani, it is a dilemma that in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan no one talks about the great female Sufi, Hazrat Rabia Basri, anymore... because she talks about peace while the generals want war to cash it for themselves and their generations to come... that is why the 184 million people of Pakistan have become victims of militarization and Talibanization policy of the state... Space for Sufism, peace and co-existence can be possible if women are given equal status practically in every society: