November 12, 2011

Warning: Pakistan's brinkmanship game could be a global disaster

The Terrorland Report

BRINKMANSHIP strategy of the Pakistan Army has created a very dangerous situation in the country, and people fear that the incompetent and coward generals can further let it ‘loose’ in an effort to protect their own lives and properties; so there could be a situation like Bosnia and Rwanda if global leaders kept silent spectators.

On one side the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other religious terrorist groups suicide brigade of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) are operating under the nose of the security forces, and on the other hand, the fascist MQM and ISI's joint death-squads reportedly kill innocent people in Karachi. And this act of state-sponsored terrorism is spreading trained target killers – to other parts of the country as the MQM's British Passport-holder leader Altaf Hussain reportedly blackmails President Asif Zardari and Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Kayani. Except The Terrorland group blogs, no one in Pakistan can dare to write anything about the MQM as journalists are harassed or killed

Over 35,000 people have become victims of the satanic brinkmanship game in Pakistan so far. In such a horrible situation, when the generals and politicians are cashing the international conflict of Pakistan globally, the ruling class has become richer and the common people have gone even lower than the poverty-line. Psychological complications at individual and social levels have increased as a result petty fights end in homicide or suicide, which serves the so-called state policy.  

“If the barbarism of Rwanda and the Balkans is repeated in Pakistan, then not Pakistani generals and politicians only but global leaders of the time, especially those who are members of the United Nations Security Council, would also stand trial in the International Criminal Court,” says an international affairs expert. 

As it has been discussed in previous posts, Pakistani generals are really dumb stupid animals who can’t fight or win a war... but can build business conglomerates in the country and abroad by using illegal means! Through their lackeys in the media, universities and so-called think-tanks, they plagiarize ideas and shamelessly present them as their own... the worst thing in this regard is when they try these desi ideas practically in their typical style... the result becomes disastrous. And the helpless people of Pakistan are facing disasters after disasters since our country came into being.  

Someone has asked the meaning of ‘brinkmanship’ in simple terms [it has been The Terrorland group blogs mission to write in simple words so that the average internet surfer understands it]. According to the dictionary, it means: “The policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster.” When this term of the Cold War era reached the General Headquarters in some way, the generals during a Corps Commander meeting may have decided to try it practically! The reasons were simple indeed:

1) We can’t fight India, so let’s make militant outfits and start a proxy war... and to show the world that the militants were not a brigade of the military, they started sectarian clashes and terrorist attacks inside the country.

2) We can’t fight the United States, so let us make Pakistani version of the Taliban and let them destroy our society... so that we can demand for more blood money; plus wait for the time of American departure from Afghanistan so that we can make the neighboring country a province of Pakistan again!

Personally and militarily, this catastrophic rather criminal policy brought billions for the generals not only from the Americans but also from other donor countries, and global agencies. In other words, Pakistan, United States and other nations lost thousands of lives billions of dollar which invited the ongoing global recession.

Thus the brinkmanship strategy has emerged the dirtiest game in Pakistan after the 9/11 attacks on the United States. "This visionless and dangerous strategy has brought the country to a point that it may collapse unexpectedly anytime," fears an analyst.

Ah! This is the policy of our almighty generals who directly control three ministries in Pakistan: finance, foreign affairs and information. The worst thing is that they present themselves as Aristotle at gunpoint! As there is a fake democracy in the country and the elected government can't move a step without the permission of the Army and ISI chiefs. Thus people fear that the generals and their stooge politicians can go to any extant for personal benefits—

"Therefore, global leaders are requested to save Pakistan from being turned into Bosnia or Rwanda in the 21st century," adds the analyst. 

As a part of the Music Therapy of Nations series, here are some songs that can explain the whole situation  humanly so that the barbarism of Bosnia and Rwanda are not repeated anywhere in the world again.

1- Punjabi singer Mussarat Nazir shows a picture of the once peaceful life in the province, which is now under the control of the terrorist brigade! 

2- Sindhi singer Abida Parveen presents a Sufi song as the province is suffering at the hands of gangsters and organized terrorist groups in the guise of political parties.

3- In a time when acts of terrorism, especially suicide attacks, are going on throughout Pakistan, the ruling class, politicians and generals, is cashing it for itself. The intellectuals of the country fear a Balkan-like situation in the future. Therefore, American President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and other global leaders should take measures in advance if such a situation, God forbid, appears out of the blue. Here is an echo from Bosnia when the leaders of the region suddenly turned into beasts...

4- Former U.S. President Bill Clinton regrets that he could not do anything in time to prevent the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 when One Million people were killed within 100 days. Pakistan and India have already lost the same number of lives in communal clashes 64 years ago. And the wounds are still fresh! Please, protect the over 184 million terrorized and helpless people of Pakistan from a similar barbarism!

5- Lt-Gen. Romeo Dallaire as commander of the United Nations peacekeeping force failed to protect innocent people during the Rwandan Genocide, and thus became a symbol of "dumb stupid animals" as this famous song says: There is no bravery in your eyes anymore! Global statesmen should not rely on the generals entirely!

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