November 14, 2011

Imran Khan & ISI-gifted paradise in hell

The Terrorland Report 

Two-faced Imran Khan (by Habib Sulemani-1995)
LATELY, some readers have asked why The Terrorland ignored the recent “political somersault” of former cricketer-turned-philanthropist-turned-politician, Imran Khan. 

Well, it’s an understandable phenomenon!

Anyone, with a little bit understanding of the Pakistani military establishment's mindset and political tactics, knows the reason that Imran Khan, 59, is a puppet of the generals. So, instead of writing about the puppets (which the mainstream media is doing very well to please the military) why not talk about the puppet-players (generals)? And that is what The Terrorland Team has been doing since the beginning of this group blog.

Imran Khan is an ambitious and greedy poor soul with a lavish lifestyle! And this is the criteria for a political puppet in Pakistan. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is happy for having such a puppet that is equally famous in- and outside Pakistan. 

To be frank, the generals have made Mr. Khan their spy-bridge to the hearts of the liberal West and the conservative Islamic East! Being an excellent chameleon – like any member of the Pakistani ruling class especially in dealings with the West – Imran Khan is “Mr. Brown” in London and a clean-shaven “Mullah” in Islamabad.  

The Cyber Age has exposed Imran Khan’s bigotry as he is a prolific contributor to the ISI-controlled electronic media in the country (sources say at a call from the ISI headquarters, Imran Khan, no matter in the bathroom or bed, starts defending the military's point of view in the media instantly. And now he reportedly says that he would not take dictations from the generals... Lols!).

“The huge Farmhouse of Imran Khan in Islamabad,” a source claims, “is actually an ISI-gifted paradise in a terror-hit and hell-like country. Mr. Khan can do anything to keep it, and is ready to pay any price for it!”

Besides this, sources say, Imran Khan and former ISI chief Lt-Gen. Hamid Gul have also been given huge lands in Skardu city of Gilgit-Baltistan “for their meritorious services in defending the military regime in the media”. There are many other similar claims as well.

In such a situation, Imran Khan is painted as an “angel” in the media although he is as “sinful” as President Asif Zardari, Shrif or Chaudhry brothers, or the almighty generals in command. “To represent Mr. Khan as an angel is, no doubt, a blasphemy,” says an analyst with a smile, “but who cares for such a critique in our militarized and Talibanized country where every religious decree is issued from the Headquarters of the ISI, and every political decision is made at the General Headquarters (GHQ) of the Pakistan Army!”

Former prime ministers, Z.A. Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, were also the blue-eyed boys of the generals in their times—the future of Mr. Khan can't be different, some politicians fear. "In Pakistan democracy starts from the GHQ and even ends there!"

Anyway, journalist Habib Sulemani had exposed the hypocritical nature of Imran Khan in a four-page feature 16 years ago. It was published in the then Lahore-based Urdu monthly magazine, Sonia International, on January 1995. Mr. Sulemani didn't make his point of view with the help of words only but also made a caricature of the "two-faced hero" of Pakistan. It is being reproduced here: 

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  1. His 300 Canal property in the sub-urbs of islaabad costed him les than 200,000per kanal which was verified b Kashif Maqsood Abbassi as the sellers were known to him and this money is easily manageable by a person of his status....

    Whats wrong with having a lfe style of your choice.....

  2. This is the usual disinformation campaign by vested interests. I don't know who this person is who claims to be a journalist but it seems he suffers from cranial flatulence. A trouble maker no doubt with no interest in Pakistan or journalistic ethics . Pakistan has it's fill of morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest people. The writer of this blog is no different.

  3. Imran Khan's interview with Indian journalist Karan Thapar ractifies the terrorland report. It shows how much Imran Khan fears his mastewrs at the GHQ... ISI and its militant brigades:

    Karan Thapar: Let me press this like this, the LeT was supposedly declared a militant group and prescribed way back in 2002. But it simply re-morphed and re-appeared as Jamat ud Dawa and Falat-e-Insaniyat and it operates freely as you know. Hafiz Saeed, its leader, regularly makes anti-India hate speeches. Will you put a stop to that?

    Imran Khan: Well, I again repeat, that if there are no militant groups operating from within Pakistan, which should be our statement policy, and as things stand today, Pakistan has no choice but to go this route.

    Karan Thapar: But when you say no militant groups does that specifically include not just LeT, but also Jamat ud Dawa, Falat-e-Insaniyat, Jaish e Mohammad, in other words those groups that target India?

    Imran Khan: Well not just India. There are groups that are targetting people within Pakistan. We have a number of militant groups.

    Karan Thapar: But you are not answering my question. The Indians will think you are evading it.

    Imran Khan: No. When I say no militant groups, it means no militant groups.

    Karan Thapar: Including Jamat ud Dawa?

    Imran Khan: Exactly. There would not be any militant groups operating within Pakistan. How can I be more specific than that?

    Karan Thapar: Would you name Jamat ud Dawa, Falat-e-Insaniyat and Hafez Saeed and say that you will put a check to these three people? Will you name them?

    Imran Khan: Look, I am living in Pakistan. Pakistan at the moment is the most polarised country in the world. A governor gets shot, his assassin becomes a hero. There’s no point in becoming a hero right now in this country where there’s no rule of law. Life is very cheap here.

  4. Typical accusations by the mentally challenged, who see the ISI bogeyman under every rock, get a life. What part of the above interview do you consider being afraid of anyone? He is being pragmatic, something beyond your puny comprehension. Besides I do believe you mean " RECTIFY" , without a proper understanding of the word. Suggest you get a mental colonoscopy it might put things in a proper perspective.

  5. Imran Khan is a slave of criminal generals

    LONDON: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan was recently introduced to Cameron Munter, American Ambassador to Pakistan, in the presence of Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the ISI chief, The Sunday Times reported. Imran Khan is said to have gained the backing of the country’s powerful security establishment, which has grown tired of the corruption pervading the two traditional political groupings, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), led by President Asif Ali Zardari, and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), led by Nawaz Sharif, a former prime minister. Although they do not publicly admit to favouring any party, it is an open secret that the military leadership, and the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), are backing Imran Khan’s campaign, said The Sunday Times report.

    The News November 21, 2011

  6. We have seen Bhutos, Mians, Choudharies,Bhaees,generals,puppets what is the harm to try a khan as well.

  7. There are lots of accusations in this piece with no evidence. This is poor journalism. It is little surprise that the author is publishing these allegations through this blog and not a respected publication as it will never stand to scrutiny with any editor.

  8. اقتدار میں آنے سے پہلے ہی فیسبک کے مختلف گروپس اور پیجز پہ پی ٹی آی کے سپورٹرز کی اپنے مخالفوں کے ساتھ عدم برداشت اور گالی گلوچ والا رویہ دیکھ کے کسی دوست کا سنایا ہوا ایک لطیفہ یاد آ گیا کہ
    ایک سردار جی اپنے گھر سے نکل کے گلی میں محلے والوں کو گالی گلوچ کرنے لگے،کسی پڑوسی نے کہا "لگدا اے سردار جی نوں چڑہ گئی اے"
    سردار نے کہا "اوئے نئی جی،منشی بوتل لین گیا ہویا اے"

    تحریک انصاف کو اس ملک کی تیسری بڑی سیاسی قوت بنانے اور "لوٹا انقلاب" لانے کے لئے خفیہ ہاتھ جس تیزی سے پنڈی میں لگے "ڈرائی کلین پلانٹ" سے پرانے لوٹوں اور موسمی بٹیروں کو دھو دھو کے اور پالش کر کے عوام کے سامنے لا رہے ہیں اس سے ایک بات تو واضع ہو گئی جو اکثر مغربی اور پاکستانی دانشور کہتے ہیں کہ پاکستان میں جب تک تین الف (اللہ،امریکہ،آرمی) کسی کو لیڈر نہ بنائیں تب تک کوئی چاہے کچھ بھی کر لے وہ حکمراں نہیں بن سکتا.
    آج تحریک انصاف کے پرانے اور نظریاتی دھڑے کی "ڈرائے کلینڈ" گروپ کے ساتھ ہونے والے جھگڑے اور پرانے کارکنوں پہ ہونے والی لاٹھی چارج کے بعد اب دیکھنا یہ ہے کہ تحریک انصاف کتنے دھڑے اور لابیاں بننے کی طرف جا رہی ہے.
    Waheed Baloch