November 20, 2011

People seek global action against Pakistani leaders

The Terrorland Report

IN an amateur caricature, being circulated on the Facebook, a Pakistan public artist explains what the common people think about the almighty military and political leaders' relationship with the United States of America.

Four Pakistani leaders - starting with the heavyweight Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, MQM chief Altaf Hussain, President Asif Zardari, former premier Nawaz Sharif - are on the left side of President Barack Obama while another four - Home Minister Rehman Malik, Prime Minister Gilani, former military dictator Gen. Musharraf and Moulana Fazl Rehman - are on the right side of the American President.

A caption in Urdu reads: "These leaders have the same interest, ideology and mission... but their ways of committing crime differ..." 

It would be painful for Mr. Obama to see himself among these visionless, corrupt and criminals in the guise of "national leaders" of Pakistan. It says a lot to the American and global leaders who totally rely on these chameleons who loot and kill their own people to get "blood money" and maintain their lavish lifestyle.

"In this dirty game," a teacher says, "our generals, judges, journalists and politicians have endangered global security and stability." Still global leaders are not paying attention to the cries of the over 184 million Pakistanis!

One thing must be clear to global leaders that the Pakistani civilian and military leaders are not only the number-one enemy of their own country and people but also the entire world. They think about their personal and families well-being only. They lie to their own people and global community. "Still Western leaders rely on them." 

President Obama!

Pakistani leaders get the money and weapon from you and then use it against you and our own poor people through their own militant brigades! We both have become victims and the entire world is suffering today. So, take it seriously! And whatever you want to do for the welfare of our country and people, please, do it directly!

Global leaders!

Listen to the cries of the terrorized people of Pakistan! Your grants and donations to the civilian-military ruling mafia can't root out global terrorism nor it can prosper the people of Pakistan, rather it will kick you further deep into recession and many more social and economical troubles... the only solution to get out of the mess is very simple: do away with this gang of criminals in Pakistan! 

“Nothing can root out terrorism until Pakistani civilian and military leaders are brought to justice for their corruption and crimes against humanity,” says a journalist. “There is no law and order in the country and four out of every 10 persons are living below the poverty line"

But it is not an issue for the generals and politicians. Our ruling class is busy with a so-called Washington memo scam. "This is an effort to get power as Army Chief Gen. Kayani and ISI chief Gen. Pasha are not ready to retire… while Zardari and Sharifs want power in their families permanently.” 

So, in such a lawless situation, global action against these so-called leaders is a public demand in Pakistan. “Start with their finances and foreign assets... the menace of global terrorism can end only in this way, and the West especially America's public image will be better in Pakistan!”

The ruling gang of Pakistan that sucks blood of the entire world like bloody worms! 

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  1. Interaction on this post in a cyberspace group, which according to a FB friend, is run by the ISI-ISPR joint cyber team:

    Rehman: “There is no law and order in the country and four out of every 10 persons are living below the poverty line. But it is not an issue for the generals and politicians. Our ruling class is busy with a so-called Washington memo scam. This is an effort to get power as Army Chief Gen. Kayani and ISI chief Gen. Pasha are not ready to retire… while Zardari and Sharifs want power in their families permanently.”

    Zarvan Jmj: ‎Rehman, Mr This is not a small issue and this letter offered them access to your Nuclear Weapons and Sir you can what has happend to Libya they gave up there Nuclear Program and they got there ass kicked this mistake was also done by Dumb Saddam and now what we have is Iraq under USA control and 1 Million Iraqi dead WOW they will not require food any more because they are not alive any more

    Rehman: Thanks, Jmj, but, if you read the post, you will find the reason. Thanks for comment. Plz read the post, "like" it and "send" it to your friends as well it's a national duty of every citizen. Thanks bro for comment.

    Zarvan Jmj: Sir most of these writers are funded from abroad and we know why they talk Against Armed Forces

    Rehman: It's not the forces but generals... the forces are helpless, journalists say.

    Zarvan Jmj: ‎Rehman, Generals don't come from the sky Sir they work hard to reach that spot its they luck they survive and ALLAH give them life to reach that spot its just like 1 % Liberals of Pakistan when they want to bash Islam they bash Mullahs because they know what will happen to them if they openly talk bad against Islam

    Rehman: Don't relate the "criminal gang" of generals to Islam, they kill innocent people in the name of Taliban and liberals to get more extensions... what about those generals who served about 30 years of their lives and now are waiting to be promoted... but are retired cos of the gang... which has become a "qabza group" not only on the military but the whole country... this is what those generalists say who are big names in Pakistan and often are called by Gen Kayani at GHQ and Gen Pasha at the ISI headquarters... pls, Zarvan Bin Sajid Jmjn, don't betray respected members of this group while defending the "criminals qabza group generals and politicians"... what would you say on the Day of Judgement to Allah? That you defended the enemies of the over 184 million innocent people of Pakistan? Senior and respected journalists say these so-called leaders, in the guise of generals and politicians, are professional criminals: leave the common people just see what they did to Supreme Court judge Justice Javed Iqbal... killing his elderly parents for his remarks in the ISI case ( what they did to Major-General Ameer Faisal Alvi ( and other officers... and still you advocate for the devil like Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi ( I hope you are not one of them) Read The Terrorland blogs with free mind not only as a Muslim who loves the faith of Allah without politics but also a real patriotic Pakistani and human being who wants peace and prosperity. I hope, I was not harsh, brother :) Thanks for the comments, share them on the blogs as well. Be blessed, bye.

  2. Pakistan is a nuclear power so the best suggestion is to leave her alone. Besides, religion means more than anything else to a Paki so let them wallow in all the mosques they desire. The fact is that politics, based on western values, means squat to these people. If they really get out of line, India will nuke them so America...stay out.

  3. Today Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani has formally resigned due to the so-called Memogate scam mentioned in this post. In his facebook status he says:

    "I have requested PM Gilani to accept my resignation as Pakistan's Ambasssador to the United States. I believe I still have much to contribute to building a new Pakistan free of bigotry and intolerance, and I will be focusing my energies on that."

    Soon after this, the alleged stooge of the military establishment, Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid on his Official facebook page left this message:

    "InshAllah, this treacherous government is now heading towards its end. They have shot themselves in the head through that memo which they wrote to the US government. That memo had promised to the US government that both General Kayani and General Pasha will be replaced by Zardari and US would be allowed to even attack the nuclear assets of Pakistan and all patriotic officers would be removed from the armed forces!! Hussein Haqqani has been caught red handed now. The question to determine is who else in the government is involved in this betrayal of the millat and what would be the Supreme Court and army will do about this most serious treachery. A full inquiry would begin now to find all the snakes! InshAllah, all the snakes will be found within the govt very soon and then crushed! They were arrogant, corrupt, treacherous and over confident that they can get away with everything. But Allah is all powerful and all wise and when He grips, He does it with fierce power and authority. The time is up for these traitors, InshAllah!"

    Then the Inter-Services Intelligence's facebook page said:

    ISI: Hussain Haqqani has resigned - Your Views?

    Riaz Ul Haq: Who is next (Ambassador) Gen (r) Ehsan?

    Faiz Rasool: just resign is not enough hang to death keyoun keh ghadar ki yahi saza hey

    Usman Ahsan: when will zardari resign/.?

    Samz Khan: And what about consequencess ? He is triator he must be hanged

    Qasim Janjua: aik journalist safeer kaise bna. think about it

    Sarah Atiq: U.S long run demand of operation against Haqqani Network has been fulfilled
    Hussain Haqqani resigned !!! Mrs Clinton asked Pakistan Army to do the operation against Haqqani as its harmful for them and Army targeted the right Haqqani.

  4. Ahmed Quraishi, also considered a stooge of the military establishment, said on FB:

    "Haqqani's resignation is another milestone in gradually ending the effects of the tragic US-sponsored 2006-07 secret deal that caused the current instability in Pakistan. The resignation is a step in curbing foreign meddling in Islamabad. This is not the end of the story. As we understand, clues and evidence are being pursued to trace all those inside and outside the incumbent govt who cooperated in Mr. Haqqani's pet project of replacing officials and commanders in Islamabad with pro-US stooges."