November 16, 2011

Stalinism & Police Services of Pakistan

The Terrorland Report

21st century Pakistani Stalin versus 20th century Russian Stalin
"STALINISM," according to Encyclopædia Britannic, "is associated with a regime of terror and totalitarian rule."

Wikipedia says: "It's characterized by a high degree of centralization, totalitarianism, the use of a secret police, propaganda, and especially brutal tactics of political coercion."

This term is associated with Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) who was leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which came into existence in 1922 and disintegrated in1991. As a communist leader, Stalin was known for creating a totalitarian state out of Russia by purging all opposition.

Any educated and civilized person anywhere in the would would condemn Stalin's inhuman actions but in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Stalinism has virtually become the rule of law. However, there is a top police officer in Punjab who, according to a source, openly admires Stalin and compares himself with the fascist communist dictator.

"The 21st century Pakistani Stalin is amazingly a lookalike of the 20th century Russian Stalin," said the source. "They both seem evil characters from some Russian novel!"   

But how?

"Just imagine: if a high-ranking officer in the government idealizes Stalin, and places the dictator's picture along with his on the table and even in his Facebook account gives him space, comparing his mustache and uniform with Stalin's... what would the world say about such a public servant? Insane and brutal like Col. Qaddafi, Saddam Hussain, Gen. Ayub, Gen. Zia and Gen. Musharraf, indeed!"

This Pakistani version Stalin is an officer of the Police Services of Pakistan (PSP). Readers of The Terrorland have met him in a precious post where he, unexpectedly, came across a session of "Cyberspace Public Accountability" a first thing in Pakistan. According to officials, Sarmad Saeed Khan is currently working as an Additional Inspector-General Punjab Police (Training) in Lahore.

Police are notorious in Pakistan and the Punjab Police Department is considered the most brutal security force in the world. Recently, a young journalist was beaten on the outskirts of Lahore, when he complained to the media with broken bones, the accused police officer repeatedly their typical sentence in a very humble way: "Journalists are our brothers, actually this brother (victim journalist) had a fight with someone else." The victim had nothing but to say he can swear by taking the Holly Quran on his head that he was tortured in a room of the Police Station."

When policemen treat a journalist in this way just imagine what else they can't do with a common person? The other day a 17-year-old laborer was tortured at another police station in Lahore, and the accused policemen have held the victim's elderly poor father responsible for the crime. This is the justice system in the country.

Sindh Police, especially those working in the terrorized city of Karachi, are considered a battalion of professional criminals recruited by criminal gangs which work in the guise of political parties. Analysts say when an admirer of Stalin becomes chief trainer of the police department, then brutality become a part of the law at police stations.

Pakistan has become a militarized and Talibanized Police State!

Sources say Mr. Khan is a very influential policeman who, besides politicians and military secret agencies, has close relations with some famous journalists especially those known as "secret agencies-fed" investigative reporters.  He also maintains a personal website ( which, according to some officials, is violation of the rules of services. 

The so-called police reforms in Pakistan can't work until this policeman's psycho-analysis are carried out so that policy-makers can understand the psyche of the police department first, and then try to change its brutal traditions according to the demands of the Cyber Age!

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