December 26, 2011

The Terrorland blogs are actually battleground diaries

The Terrorland Report

INDEPENDENT media analysts say The Terrorland has shocked and shaken people and government organizations. However, the almighty Pakistani military establishment is not happy with this group blogs, therefore, it makes our blogger Habib R. Sulemani a direct target through its proxies.

The brave journalist, who is fighting for the rights of the over 184 million terrorized people of Pakistan from solitary confinement for the last 21 months, has been declared an agent of the United States of America, India and Israel along other allegations. He is under continuous threats from The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI). He and his family members are being threatened and abused in the most uncivilized ways, which is the traditional tactics of the secret agencies, but he has never stopped his fight for global peace and prosperity as Pakistan has become the capital of global terrorism.

Fortunately, the critics are in minority and there is a silent majority that appreciates Mr. Sulemani's journalistic and literary works besides spreading political awareness in the depoliticized and militarized society. He has become an inspiration for journalists, writers and politicians besides The Terrorland Team. His courageous work is being applaud and quoted internationally.

The Terrorland blogs are actually battleground diaries! Here are some some public comments:

Ms. Aninda Rahman from Bangladesh writes:

"Dear Mr Sulemani. I am a Bangladeshi blogger. I write in Bengali. I am a reader of your blog. I found that how tough a fight you have to fight everyday to keep your readers informed about the truth. I have also seen the comments that attack you on your blog. I appreciate you."

A man from Pakistan says that whatever The Terrorland publishes about the almighty military establishment is truth but then adds:

"yeah this is bad but don't specifically point finger on pakistan. it is happening every where. even in the west it considered as a tool of relaxation. pls u are providing the enemies an oppertunity to speak against us"

Another citizen has sent this Urdu comment:

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