December 26, 2011

Bangladesh genocide: Generals fund scholars to make image better?

The Terrorland Report

HERE are two emails, exchanged between a Bangladeshi and Pakistani blogger. Even 40 years on, the tragedy of the erstwhile East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, is still haunting the intelligentsia of the South Asian region. These two tiny emails speak volumes about the intellectual, political and militarily stipulations of the conflict zone of the world.    

From: Aninda Rahman
Subject: A question
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 3:52 AM

Dear Mr Sulemani

I am a Bangladeshi blogger. I write in Bengali. I am a reader of your blog. I found that how tough a fight you have to fight everyday to keep your readers informed about the truth. I have also seen the comments that attack you on your blog. I appreciate you.

For some days a question is troubling my mind. I thought why not ask you. I believe you know there have been atrocities done by the Pakistani Military in which was then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh in 1971. However, in recent times I found that some scholars, of different countries, are trying to convince the world that there were very insignificant or negligible amount of atrocity done by the Pakistani Military in 1971. My question is, are those scholars possibly funded by the Pakistani Military to make their image better?

Hope you will have time to answer me.




From: Habib Sulemani
Date: Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 10:13 PM
Subject: Re: A question
To: Aninda Rahman
Cc: The Terrorland

Dear Ms. Rahman,

Pakistan Army generals work as "mind-police" in our militarized and Talibanized country. They can do anything to hide their crimes! Journalists, writers and scholars can't work independently in this country anymore. I was attacked and am being punished along my family members for the last 21 months just for exposing their criminal face. No one in the Pakistani media can utter even my name due to fear of the devils in the khaki. They kill voices of dissent no matter a journalist or politician; even military-men and judges have become their silent victims!

As a writer, I'm really ashamed what the cruel generals did in Bangladesh prior to your independence. So are the feelings of other writers, journalists and scholars in Pakistan. I think there should be an independent investigation into the alleged intellectual dishonesty besides the genocide. The intellectual terrorism must be exposed.

I’m so sorry for being late in writing back to you. Actually, I was searching for a poem, I had written years back about the Bengali intellectual heritage of South Asia, but couldn’t find it so far. Anyway, thank you very much for the kind words in an unkind society!

Many regards,

Habib Sulemani 
Rawalpindi, Pakistan.   


  1. Dude you didn't mention the Email of Aninda Rahman; and also didn't mention the reason why she selected you to ask such question? and how will she authenticate the information you have provided to her in reply to her email???

  2. It is fact that those writers and so called intellectuals are really bought by ISI to minimize the guilt of the crime they commmitted.. I am a living example.. carying the marks of those atrocities for the last 40 year, may be soon I will be gone .. distorted history woud surface. It is time real history and fact is told.
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    1. Notwithstanding what the ISI does to distort history, you are NOT a “living example” of those atrocities nor are you carrying any mark. Your twin brother went to fight for the country and was tortured by the Pakistani army while you hid in your relatives’ houses in Dhaka for the entire duration of the liberation war. Nobody touched you even with a feather. You are a worse fabricator of history than those ISI generals.

  3. Interesting read although I haven't got any idea about the two bloggers and their blogs.