December 25, 2011

The diary of an annoying cyber activist

By Rehman Pakistani

I HAVE been declared a self-styled annoying cyber activist by The Terrorland Team, saying that whenever I appear on the scene, people run away as rats do when a cat meows! Anyway, I say sorry to all my cyber and real-life friends for being annoying to them! From the new year, I'll not be seen as an activist anymore! When Team members asked me to share with them some "annoying cyber movements," I've got collected some of them here. I'm hiding the identity of my friends with a big sorry again. 


Rehman: “There is no law and order in the country and four out of every 10 persons are living below the poverty line. But it is not an issue for the generals and politicians. Our ruling class is busy with a so-called Washington memo scam. This is an effort to get power as Army Chief Gen. Kayani and ISI chief Gen. Pasha are not ready to retire… while Zaradi and Sharifs want power in their families permanently.”

Tariq Shiekh: tragedy with the people of pakistan

Rehman: Yes, Tariq, but if the people, especially the youth take the courage in the Cyberspace to create global awareness things could change for good!

Rehman: Pakistan fears another coup d'├ętat — Gen. Kayani! Stay away.
Shahid Khan: ‎Rehman Pak kiu hur waqt sansani phelatay rehtay hain aap..... kher ki baat aur dua maanga karay kabhe
Rehman: Mulk bachanay azan day raha hon...
Shahid Khan: ‎Rehman Pak azzan deen mai bhe 5 time he hai....aap to 24 ghantay azzan detay ho :)
Rehman: Lols, it's not a personal matter like the 5-time prayers, it's the matter of the helpless and terrorized nation of over 184 million people...
Shahid Khan: woh aap ne kahani suni hai na ...sher aaya sher aaya....aur jab sher aaya to sab ussay dewanay ki baar samjhay.....
Rehman: Lols


Farooq: You are fake so you doubt others as well.   
Rehman: An FB friend says you are a journo, if so then you must have the "doubt" sir jee, that makes one a journalist... ;)

Farooq: I am a jurno but not a fake person sir, so fake people should not look the same way
Rehman: what do you need by fake?
Farooq: Fake persons on FB.
Rehman: Who is fake here you or me?      
Farooq: At least neither you nor me
Rehman: ‎:)       
Farooq: But be sur majority of people are fake sir, really fake

Rehman: Interfaith & intercultural relations at public level can bring peace and prosperity to our world:
Kevin: Why is this posted on the CS page? Spammer.
Rehman: be cool and civilized. This post is very relevant... cos interfaith & intercultural relations will reduce crimes... see your behavior is the FIRST STEP TO COMMIT A CRIME... I hope you got it. Thanks for the comment. And yest, please, read the post to be motivated how crimes can be avoided. Thanks.           
Kevin: Spammer.           
Rehman: When there is no reason... then there is accusations, i can understand that, Kevin. Be blessed. Bye.

Kevin: You are trying to sell books and are spamming a very relevant home site that provides survivor assistance.

RR: Dear friends: [name of blog] is contesting for the best current affairs blog. Please vote for it here: Your support will be valuable to promote a moderate, progressive voice from Pakistan.
Rehman: ok.
Rehman: I, as a member of The Terrorland group blogs that never takes part in any such contests, have voted for my Facebook friend RR. Best wishes, R!


Rehman: Adnan! Thanks for inviting me here in such a nice place in the cyberspace.
I-media Group
Adnan: The secret of successful journalism is to make your readers so angry they will write half your paper for you. (so said C E M Joad). Thanks you for being here Rehman.
Rehman Pak Wow!


Rehman Pak: THE TERRORLAND: Global peace — countries need women as leaders:   
Adnan: Please stop posting on I-media group.           
Rehman: Okay, boss. Sorry, you should not added me to this group!           
Adnan: Adding someone doesn't necessarily mean you can post links that don't relate to the theme of the group. However, you are welcome to comment on any link that the group posts.           
Rehman: How do claim my posts are not related to the group?           
Adnan: Because they're not related to media. I have lots of posts but I only post them on my profile, not on other prople's profiles. However I sometimes comment on other people's posts if I have something to say. I have made a polite request - please don't convert it into an argument and move on.           
Rehman: My posts are related to the media, simply. But I can understand your point in our militarized and Talibanized country, where even Imran Khan can't feel safe... :) Okay, boss, keep going on peacefully ;) bye.             
Adnan: Thank you, Rehman.

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