December 26, 2011

Dirt on uniform — public waiting for removal of Army, ISI, ISPR chiefs

The Terrorland Report

IN a time when the over 184 million people of Pakistan hate three serving generals for their alleged involvement in political activism, and want legal action against the powerful army officer, who run the country without being accountable to the elected civilian government, judiciary and Parliament, still the secret agents are trying to win the lost battle through engineered political rallies and cyber activism in the country. The common people in Pakistan are just waiting for removal of Army Chief Gen. Ishfaq Parvez Kayani, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt-Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) head Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas. People say they are watching TV and waiting for removal news of the three generals. "The government must remove them from offices in the best national interest," says a journalist in Islamabad.

Independent analysts believe that the three accused generals have become the most controversial army officers in the 64 year history of Pakistan... more controversial than the military dictators of the past. They must resign or face legal action for the allegations like high treason and assassinations. 

See this encounter in the cyberspace:

        REHMAN PAK: ‎"Innocent people are forcefully made Taliban/mujahideen by the ISI and MI, and then killed... innocent students are first gathered in the Lal Masjid and they are told to protest violently, and then are brutally killed on camera... innocent journalist Saleem Shahzad for pointing out crimes of the generals, was killed, elderly parents of Supreme Court judge Javed Iqbal (after the judge's remarks against ISI) was brutally killed. Col Imam, Javed Khwaja and Dr Imran Farroq also killed. They sell and cash deaths of innocent Pakistanis."

        ALI ZAIN: all this is the bullz shit you are talking about........ you dont even know the single side of th picture......

        REHMAN PAK: But how, Ali?
        ALI ZAIN: bcz the picture i have seen is greater than yours, and i strongly condemn your personal views.... you expressed above.
        REHMAN PAK: Tell me one simple thing: why do you love ISI chief Gen Shuja Pasha this much?
        ALI ZAIN: bcz i knw the gen pasha who goes to america for a meeting with pannetta and comes back with in half hour after the meeting , does not stay there in hotel bcz he says the money i am using is by my nationz blood.
        REHMAN PAK: The whole Pakistan considered him a double-faced man who butchered innocent Pakistanis, and you make him a hero... what a shame. You don't remember the cry of the orphaned students betrayed and killed at Lal Masjid and other places... may Allah guide you on the right path. Ameen. Bye.
        ALI ZAIN: at the time of lal masjid gen pasha was no where...... you have a bad memory i think, he became dg isi in 2008
        REHMAN PAK: You're not aware of the truth, brother. Still he was a planner and right hand-man of Gen Kayani as MI chief. Remember, when I say Pasha, it mean the gang of three: Kayani, Pasha and Abbas. Pls read The Terrorland blog archives to get the real face of those who are the enemies of the country in the guise of patriot generals. They have sold a part of the country secretly recently, trying to keep the nation in the dark...
        In the country of over 184 million, no one believes in Army Chief Gen Kayani, ISI chief Gen Pasha or ISPR chief Gen Athar Abbas... not even their family members anymore... they need more extension in their services... no matter for that how many people die or land is lost...
        ALI ZAIN: you are making a big lie dear, i assure you that more than 170 million people of pakistan dont even know the ISI, and the names of Army chief and dg ISI, never formulate theories while sitting in bed room, go and move arround in the public then ask for the facts.... you need to explore your thoughts dear......
        REHMAN PAK: One correction, pls, it is MO not MI. Gen Pasha was DG military operations when Lal Masjid tragedy happened. I'm daily going around as a part of my job as a human rights activist, i know that fact. Either you are a relative of the accused general or a brainwashed would-be suicide-bomber.... May God guide you. Ameen. Bye.

       ALI ZAIN: i am not a brain washed guy dear, but may be some one appointed to track the misguided persons like you..... allah almighty may help you to be on the right side...

       REHMAN PAK: You're the only guy i have met in the cyberspace who loves an "criminal" general... lol... i was surprised... but thanks for making things clear... a member of the ISI's cyber brigade... Now no more argument :)

       ALI ZAIN: you are once again miss taken dear......

After a day, Ali Zain messages Rehman and says: "Hey, I don't like this post. Please remove it: Treason case against generals & Chief Justice of Pakistan

Rehman answered: "pls ask the admins of the blog, thanks." And there was silence!

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