December 1, 2011

Habib Sulemani — 20 months of solitary confinement

The cage-bird twitters while the writer twits... and says: “My twits are for liberty!”  

The Terrorland Report

Facsimile of Habib Sulemani's Twitter official account.
HABIB R. Sulemani has completed 20 months of solitary confinement and has entered in the 21st month but yet the Pakistani civilian government is silent. The human rights and journalistic bodies are also keeping mum due to the terror of the secret agencies.

Mr. Sulemani, a writer and journalist who lives in Rawalpindi, has never come out of his home since  March 29, 2010, when the first attempt on his life was made, details of which have been given in the previous posts of The Terrorland group blogs.

Currently, he is using Twitter to express himself regularly. His personal views regarding the Pakistani government, as usual, are very strong especially when he talks about the military establishment, which, according to him, is not responsible for his personal suffering only but also for the miseries of the over 184 million people of the terrorized Pakistan.

“I write truthfully,” says Mr. Sulemani in his Twitter introduction. “Don’t follow me on Twitter, criminal ISI and MI will follow you in real life! But in tyranny, silently, keep an eye on MY TWITS FOR LIBERTY!” 

Here are Mr. Sulemani’s twits from his official account that started on June 25, 2011.

1- I don't know how to talk in real life... or chitchat in the cyberspace...

2- but I know how to express myself in prose (fiction and non-fiction) or poetry...

3- Twitter is really poetic! Great to be here!

4- I don't know if Pakistani President Gen Kayani, PM Lt-Gen Pasha & Info Minister Maj-Gen Abbas use Twitter!?

5- Pakistan and United States caught between two Haqqanis; one network is in Waziristan and the other in Washington!!

6- I can't say it's a goodbye to FB but Twitter is very organized and suits people with scattered thoughts ;) :)
7- @Theterrorland I don't know cyberspace technicalities, but I like the monologue on Twitter. Thanks!

8- Rosemary Mattingley, you're most welcome. It's easy to be on Twitter! But I’ll interact with my FB friends via Twitter.

9- Creating is liberating slavish and terrorized minds, and I can see the sun smiling at me in my cell!

10- Why Masoor Ijaz and Zulfiqar Mirza sound alike on TV while describing their meetings with ISI chief Gen Pasha?

11- One Haqqani is gone, what about the Haqqani Network? Is there any deal??

12- Haqqanis defend Gen Kayani and ISI on Charlie Rose show hoor chupo ganay! Also, a human story

13- Sherry Rehman had become part of the Big Girls – Dr Maliha, Dr Ayesha, Dr Mazari – so Pakistan Army accepts her as new envoy to US!

14- Generals Kayani, 59; Pasha, 59; Abbas, 58; don’t realize how tired they are! Retirement is a privilege too, elderly generals!

15- After Awan, Mirza, Qureshi and Haqqani, if Malik goes off board, Gen Kayani’ll bargain with Sharifs for Presidency. Ah, Senate polls!

16- Memo or Militarygate? GHQ surpassed Parliament; who’ll fire the generals to probe into their political activism?

17- Naïve or...? Sherry Rehman as info minister wanted to nominate slain leader Benazir Bhutto for Nobel Peace Prize.

18- Zardari's naive spokesperson Ms Ispahani says military secs give daily intel-briefing to President, PM. What the hell does ISI chief do?

19- @Pres_Zardari's naive spokesperson @fispahani says military secs give daily intel-briefing to Pres, PM. What the hell does ISI chief do?

20- Naïve or...? @sherryrehman as info minister wanted to nominate slain leader Benazir Bhutto for Nobel Peace Prize.

21- My brother says 24 poor soldiers killed in Nato attack today :( Generals may abuse media and parliament again!

22- Jinnah is copyright property of @sherryrehman and Iqbal belongs to @ZaidZamanHamid; send the latter to Afghanistan to stop blind drones!

23- How people make me their "Following" automatically on Twitter? I've hit the "Unfollow" for the night-time attackers!

24- ISI, MI terrorists maneuver outside my home and its cyber brigade attacks my emails, FB and now Twitter. Nothing is safe!

25- Supreme Court judge Javed Iqbal’s parents killed after remarks on ISI, and retired to probe bin-Laden case. Who'll prob his own case?

26- @Pres_Zardari GHQ activism and speech of Justice Chaudhry about Army rule: Is the Chief Justice of Pakistan safe? Any pressure? @amnesty

27- I write truthfully. My twits are for liberty of the over 184 million terrorized Pakistanis facing militarized oppression and tyranny.

28- If you want to be a direct or indirect target of the ISI and MI, then follow me on Twitter otherwise keep an eye on my twits silently!

29- GENERAL TEAM: ISI visionary Altaf Hussain, ISI paper-lion Zulfiqar Mirza, ISI diplomat Mehmood Qureshi and ISI spokesman Imran Khan!

30- Media highlights 'corruption' of President Zardari not Army Chief Gen Kayani and ISI boss Gen Pasha. Why?

31- Public Accounts Committee chief Chaudhry Nisar resigns as he had tried to dig out generals’ corruption in our militarized Pakistan.

32- HIS MASTER'S VOICE: Imran calls for end to CIA operations in Pakistan while ISI chief Gen Pasha seeks extension!

33- After the ISI-attack-warning, one of my Twitter followers went missing. What others are doing here? Guys, better leave right now!

34- I dedicate MY TWITS FOR LIBERTY to the terrorized people of Sindh, Balochistan, Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

35- Well, it's the 21st month of solitary-confinement. The cage-bird twitters and the writer twits! Guys, how much things've changed outside?

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