December 18, 2011

Pakistani soldiers follow rules, generals violate Constitution

>> "If President Zardari," a source claims, "had not fled the country under the pretext of heart attack, he would have been put under house arrest like Hussain Haqqani, and the generals would have formally announced their new version of bloodless coup d'├ętat..." 
>> Pakistan Army as a national institution can't afford bad public image anymore! If martial law is imposed, this time it would be suicidal for the generals!

The Terrorland Special Report

BONES OF CONTENTION:  Army Chief Gen. Kayani, ISI 
boss Lt-Gen. Pasha and ISPR guru Maj-Gen. Abbas.
THE people of Pakistan believe that the crises in the country are artificial... created by a group of army generals – Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) boss Lt-Gen. Shuja Pasha and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) chief Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas – to get personal benefits illegally as they are not ready to retire according to the laws of the country.

"If President Zardari," a source claims, "had not fled the country under the pretext of heart attack, he would have been put under house arrest like Hussain Haqqani (former envoy to Washington D.C. and victim of the military-gate scam), and the generals would have formally announced their new version of a bloodless coup d'├ętat..." After a meaningful smile, the source added: "Wajid Shamsul Hassan (Pakistani high commissioner in the UK and the only pro-government envoy) has so far evaded traps skillfully!"

Sources claim that the generals have not only taken the elected civilian government hostage but the Parliament has literally become a rubber stamp. Parliamentarians can’t speak anything about the anti-democracy and anti-state activities of the generals due to fear of life. "The TV and newspapers can't say anything without the instructions from the ISPR. There is complete mum over handing over of Gilgit-Baltistan to China as there was silence even after the Fall of Dhaka," the source commented and added:   

“Whenever, a member speaks about the military regime, ISI and MI officials go to their homes or call them to refrain from saying anything against the Army. Opposition Leader (in the Lower House) Chaudhry Nisar was made a victim of the worst kind recently… but still the poor man is silent… however, the Sharif know it... therefore, they’ve now become a part of the ISI game formally... that is why the PML-N was allowed to hold public rallies in Sindh!” 

The other day, Bushra Gohara brave female MNA, known as the "only man" in the Pakistani Parliament – has sought resignation of ISI chief Gen Pasha in the Lower House. “The government is in the hands of the generals,” the source said, “the President and Prime Minister have no power, so how can they remove the Army or ISI chiefs? (President) Zardari and (PM) Gilani can't say anything even to the federal secretaries and military-appointed Foreign and Finance ministers..."

However, the source said that "there is a way, if the Parliament seeks resignation of the accused generals through a resolution or the Corps Commanders demand their resignation… then change in command is possible!”

What the generals want? The three generals – Kayani, Pasha and Abbas – fear legal action after retirement as they are allegedly involved in the assassinations of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, Governor Punjab Salman Taseer, Cabnet Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, parents of Supreme Court judge Justice Javed Iqbal, Major-General Ameer Faisal Alvi, reporter Syed Saleem Shahzad and others.

Ms. Bushra Gohar is the "only man" in the rubber stamp 
Pakistani Parliament who demanded resignation of 
the God-like ISI chief Lt-Gen. Pasha recently.
Analysts say that Gen Kayani and Lt-Gen Pasha are more insecure as they have no one in the corridors of power to defend them after retirement while Maj-Gen Abbas has brothers in the mainstream Pakistani media: ZaffarAbbas is editor daily Dawn, Mazhar Abbas is at ARY TV, Azhar Abbas works for Geo TV, and one influential brother is in the United States of America. “Athar Abbas is just like Hussain Haqqani,” a reporter says, “he will become a witness against his current bosses, saying that he did whatever he was ordered by Kayani and Pasha… so he will escape, but the two generals will bear the brunt…”

The reporter claimed that one of the powerful Abbas Brothers in a private conversation had disclosed that  Gen Kayani was a dumb who didn't know how to talk to the media, therefore, (Maj-Gen.) Athar Abbas had advised the Army Chief not to speak to the media to avoid slip-of-the-tongue controversies like the "strategic assets" incident...! 
Plan of the generals: A mouthpiece of the ISI, Ahmed Quraishi, has revealed the plan of the three generals on Facebook: “Pakistan: A civilian govt of competent nationalist Pakistanis. No elections, no politics, no rallies for 10 years. Let all talk show anchors & political workers sell cholay [works as street hawkers] for a decade. Only business, education, culture & prosperity. Full de-politicization.”  

This is what every military dictator has told the people of Pakistan before or after a coup. And this thing led to the breakdown of the country in 1971. What the generals want now? The world will not accept martial law in Pakistan and the alleged land bribe to China will formally disintegrate Pakistan…!  Are you awaken, generals?

Habib Sulemani, in his latest twit from solitary confinement, says: “If Army Chief Gen Kayani imposes martial law, Pakistani military along the people & world will resist it.” It seems true. Because the Pakistan Army as a national institution can't afford bad public image anymore! If martial law is imposed, this time it would be suicidal for the generals!

Here is a cyberspace discussion: 

REHMAN: Army, ISI & ISPR chiefs' resignations will end crises in Pakistan:
RASHID: i dont think so................
REHMAN: Let's save our beloved Pakistan from the criminal gang of Army Generals:
RASHID: i say let us save pakistan 4rm the criminal minds of our politicians.......       
QALANDER: Gilgit-Baltistan not Belongs to terrorist like ISI and Military sick people. its belongs to people of Karakorum who got independence from dogra in 1 November 1947. People of Gilgit-Baltistan nothing to do with the Terrorist and People of Gilgit-Baltistan would like to form the socialist democratic STATE of Karakorum.
RASHID: people of pakistan has also nothing to do with terrorist .....infact some politicians are more terrorists than terrorist themselves are.....pak got freedom on 14th aug 1947..........remember was same millitary who saved us in 1965 ..........
REHMAN: ‎Omaish Rashid, you seem a 2-star generals ;)
RASHID: hahaha........i m future engineer not general.......
REHMAN: Thanks God, you are not going to be a duffer criminal.....
RASHID: criminals r not duffers.......the people who r fooled by the politicians afterevery 5 years r real duffers.........
QALANDER: You freedom was given to you by Civil Politicians in 14 Aug 1947 but your Half Country has been lost by these Military criminals and will lose more in coming future if they don't disassociates themselves with Talibans and Americans .
REHMAN: ‎Qalander Shah, generals have no future without democracy. I agree with you, sir jee.
RASHID: no future of pak either without army....       
QALANDER: Pakistan Army is like double edge sword to exploit and to kill in the name of NATIONAL INTEREST native countrymen and American hire them time to time for their vested interests
REHMAN: ‎Omaish Rashid, Army Chief Gen Kayani was busy in a conpracy against Zaradi with CM Shahbaz Sharif on that night when the American came and took away Osama bin Laden as a dead man. Tomorrow, anybody can come and take their wives away... to be frank, from these "band-master-like" coward generals of Pakistan, the station house officer (SHO) of Mardan is 100 percent better!
The Pakistani generals conquer only their armless civilian citizens and their elected governments, what a shame!
I want to quote one of our bloggers at The Terrorland. Habib Sulemani says: "Our soldiers are brave but helpless. They obey the generals and follow their orders according to the laws, but the generals don't follow the orders of a civilian government neither obey the Constitution of the country. Rather, the generals try to destabilize every democratically elected government so that an Army Chief could become President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan."

If the generals believe that they're innocent, they should fearlessly face the laws without indulging in any illegal action. No doubt, Generals’ deadly games put Pakistan in danger. Mr. Sulemani's advice is being repeated here: “I have a sincere advice for the military establishment,” Mr. Sulemani had said, “refrain from dirty politics otherwise face the worst at the hands of the furious politicians, who remained silent for over six long decades but now are ready to burst out like a volcano… 

"Generals! Respect democracy and democratically elected public representatives – in particular senators, members National and Provincial assemblies – no matter how foolish they seem to you... it is not your job to judge public representatives... they are your boss and as good soldiers, it is your duty to salute them and obey their orders. You are public servants; try to understand the terms and conditions of your services. Never try to act like masters... if you want to live with a shred of dignity in the changed world!” 

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  1. KARACHI: The mystery surrounding President Asif Ali Zardari’s departure earlier this month came to an end on Sunday when he arrived back in the country in the early hours of Monday as suddenly as he left.

    The plane carrying the President landed at Air Force’s Masroor Base in Karachi past 1am, from where he was taken to his residence, Bilawal House.

  2. Bull shit. You have been rightly treated and you deserve this.