December 21, 2011

State abolished — no more ‘Mir’ or ‘Rani’ in Hunza

The Terrorland Report

Late Jamal Khan - The Last Mir of Hunza
THE media is full of ignorant, half-literate and lazy people who misuse words while writing or reporting. They often don’t care how sensitive their job is as a ‘word’ can make or break carriers of people. Some terms are very sensitive and people take them very seriously.

Hunza is a famous valley in Gilgit-Baltistan region. Most of the people there are very angry whenever the media uses the terms: Mir of Hunza or Rani of Hunza. “It seems as someone has fired a bullet into my heart,” says Fida Ali, whose grandfather had lost his life while working for the ruler of the erstwhile princely state Hunza. The despot ruler was known as ‘Mir of Hunza.’  

“Like others, my grandfather was also forced to take a government luggage to the far-flung Shimshal village,” he said, “on the way, while crossing a river, my grandfather lost his life and my father became an orphan at the tender age of ten. I know how difficult it was for my father to live without a father and sole male in a family of five. When the state was abolished, it was the happiest day in the life of my father. But now when someone uses the word ‘Mir’ it hits hard people like me.”   

According to Rehman, a member of The Terrorland Team, someone from the former ruling family of Hunza, had commented in the cyberspace: “most of the people hates me b'coz i'm toooooo good!!!!”

Rehman commented: Why people hate you, a shy-friend has sent this link from a newspaper:

Not ‘Mir of Hunza’

Late Shams-un-Nahar,
The Last Rani of Hunza
I would like to draw attention to a term, ‘Mir of Hunza’, which is often misused in the Pakistani media.

‘Mir’ is a Persian word, which means leader of a group or tribe. In the tribal societies of the Indian subcontinent, many people used this word with their names to denote their position as leader of a tribe or group.

The rulers of Hunza used the word ‘Mir’ with their names during their 950 years of despotic rule. The ruler of Hunza was known as ‘Mir of Hunza’ until 1974, when the state was abolished and formally became part of the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Mir Muhammad Jamal Khan (1912-76) was the last Mir of Hunza. Thus the title ‘Mir of Hunza’ is no more a legal title in Pakistan because Hunza is no more a separate state. It is a part of the sovereign state of Pakistan. Thus, anybody who uses this title can be charged, under the constitution, with treason and inciting mutiny. The sentences for both of these crimes is capital punishment.

Thus, many people find it shocking that some of our media still uses this term. The people of Hunza fought for many years to convince the Pakistani government to abolish the so-called state. I, therefore, hope that Pakistan’s media will be respectful of the sentiments of the majority of people from Gilgit and Baltistan, and especially those from Hunza.

Rehman then asked: “According to Daily Times, when there is no more any "Mir" it means there is no "Rani" either... and when you claim to be a "Rani" they people of Hunza may "hate" you...?”

There was no answer. However, a lady from the region says that if members of the former ruling family just be normal citizens of Pakistan without any tribal pride, then no one will hate them. "Instead of faking things, be yourselves, and get respect."

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  1. everything is right, but review this line in your article:
    "It is a part of the sovereign state of Pakistan. Thus, anybody who uses this title can be charged, under the constitution, with treason and inciting mutiny. The sentences for both of these crimes is capital punishment."

    Gilgit Baltistan including Hunza is not yet fully part of Pakistan. I am not saying this, but the constitution of Pakistan says itself this.

  2. State abolished — But ‘Mir’is for ever in Hunza,
    dear writer as you yourself have describe the meaning of Mir as leader of a tribe or region , if that is so remember that still The Mir Ghazanfer Ali Khan is still a very famous and powerful Leader, people die darning the service to the state and it happened to the grandfather of Mr Fida Ali, it was not thing with the Greatness of Mir of Hunza,
    And remember that Hunza is notIt is a part of the sovereign state of Pakistan even now legally,Mr writer if you have met two people from the region and deciding about the status of our leader then you are wrong, here i am sting with more the two hundred people and saying that He is still our Mir, and we thing that if the state of Hunza was not abolished we would have been more prosperous and happy
    and please remember that when we say writing like these from Pakistani writer we the Hunzukuz feel like we got bullets in our heads
    and please learn about the recent incidents in Hunza, Be literate by yourself, your are the most ignorant of all the writes, know on which conditions the state of Hunza was abolished, learn about the agreement between government of Pakistan and Mir of Hunza,,

  3. She is not Rani Shams un Nisa, She is "Malika" the daughter of Rani Shams un nisa

  4. no mir,s lft after the ruler of Hunza Mir jamal khan .

  5. He is not the Mir of Gojal, at least. He knows it very well. He is also not the Mir of Shinaki.

    He is also not the Mir of Aliabad, Hyderabad, Hussainabad and Altit.

    He might be the Mir of his heart and the "king" or his "rani".

    Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Those who consider him Mir even today are the ones who licked his ass and cleaned his toilet. They speak for themselves and their history of servitude and slavery. Not for Hunza.

    A retard like Ghazanfar who is routinely beaten by his son, Saleem, and used like a tissue paper by his wife, Atiqa, is a shame on the name of Hunza.

    After he is dead, his sons will weep and cry, and get slapped, in the streets of Hunza.

    That's their destiny.

    It is good for them to leave the Holy land and flee to Scandinavia.

    Khaas Kaam Jahaan PAAK

  6. @ khaas kaa....u motherfcker...u must be some gojali asshole....mir of hunza was right when he fucked ur mothers long ago...well done mir

    1. Hey you, could you please tell us why you are using the word "Gojali" I heard this many times in Hunza from the Brushash people and even heard this from the brushash people living in the UK & here in the USA. It seems to me that in old times the bravo Gojalis have came to your homes in Hunza and used your moms as gf on travelling! "the midway stop"!! This is true they have done it that's why you people looks like us, you are cross production of Gojalis. This can be the only reason who people hate us

    2. You must be some chick hearted "Guveecs"

  7. "Khuda jis ko izzat deita hai aur jis ko chahey cheinnd leita ha" .Khuda ney kabi kisi ko belawaja izzat nahi di . yehi wohi gojali quam hai . who will always remain as dis-regareded and i wish so . thats how God has this huge disaster for them . and think about it y it stopped only where Gojal ends. it supposed to break and cause huge destruction. Leaders are born as Leaders always . n u Gojalis will remain as wat u r now. i dont say that anything bad to u still . calling u gujali brothers but unfortunately u will never learn anything good. Mirs were the only ones who introduced this nation internationally . we have respect at international level . if u other than Mirs in Northern Areas if Good enough to perform his duties and rights . then come forward and fight for your right not to bullshit against Mirs Family .

  8. If there were no Mirs then result would be just like Waziristan . War-Zone!! And im sure who ever is offensive again Mirs is the one who himself is a bad person.All development in hunza has been done during times of previous and present Mir n Rani. now just see the present political leaders wat r they doing . wazir and mirza Hussain is busy in making money. least bothered to their public. they have the powers now see wat they can ? nothing just show piece to Gilgit Baltistan. they should be accountable and voters of them should be accountable .

  9. @ Anonymous ......

    and u must be some Baltikuz or Altikutz sister-fucker, whose mother may have been fucked by the beris of mominabad, not by "your gracious" :-p

    at least the Gojalis had a class ... u r even today fucked by Nagarkutz and Giltkutz ... everywhere .... even in Heera Mandi Lahore and Gulshan Karachi ur sisters and mothers are getting banged by your brothers...

    with apologies to the Gojalis. I mentioned gojal coz most of them hate the mirs and the ass-licker supporters of these mirs ....

    well-done beris of mominabad for fucking the mother and sister of the guy who took my comment as my name, showing his mentality and mental capacity

    1. seems like you are one of the by product of a burusho whoose glorious days are echo today. Don't be harsh on your fathers boy. Be thankful to them for bringing you to this lovely world :P

  10. I m ashamed to read the above comments to be a Hunzai.On one hand Hunzai claim to have 100 percent litracy on the other the mentality like above.When we talk of past the whole of Hunza society was divided on lines of cast and creed and on the geographical grounds.The families who lived near thum (Mir) were the preveleged ones compared to others.Different families had different tasks divided as per their capabilities and might.One of the best one today may be the something looked down activity or responsibility might be then.Like wise people hailing from the areas near to capital benefitted more than the ones from remote areas.The Mirs had only one weapon to rule the people by dividing them.on the other hand there was no alternate ruling system those days accross GB,Ladakh rather more correctly in the whole of subcontinent.If we were not ruled by Ayasho family then and outsider would invaded hunza.In short we are just nothing ditaching ourselves from our past.An history of 1000 even more of Hunza is attached with living forts which are evidence of bravery of Hunza who preserved their history by protecting them.On contrary many other people lost them in the hands of Hunzukutz like Nagerkutz.Many ruler areas even today in our country people live under the oddest of circumstances in the hands of Waderas and chohdries.We should be thankful to our sipiritual mentor who equipped us with education enabling us to understand our past and future.Great English people who ruled half of the world still feel proud to respect their queen inspite of the best democratic system had replaced it.We are still unable to choose a correct leader for a single seat of GB assembly and claim to have an educated society we have got.

  11. @Anonymous (and u must be some...) . if u educated then you would not abuse in here. this is the place where to talk abt discussions and talk about facts . its very easy to say bad names to others and if u r abusing Mirs and their Ass lickers means u you r saying that to your Grandfathers this is the reality truth. better behave and have respect !! or shut the fuck up maron. thats it . i dont think you r a normal. Gujali's finaly have wrong mentality and they dont think as part of HUNZA . but always feed by HUNZA . so shame .read the HUNZA history and your ancestors. if u have separate identity goto court and raise your voice as fucked retarded by hunzukuts.

  12. Your Father Sulemon from Gulmit is liking the Mirs plate right now, he spend his life at Raja Bahadur Khan Home working for him, he is doing such rabish things, so please first convince your father then come to media and tell to other people.

  13. dear friends i hope u will delete such comments that creates distances and as well as distractions.we all belongs to same religion and same family.

  14. The above article published by Habib Sulemani is not encouraging as i visited his blog the entire comments are full of abused and hatred language, he is supposed to not publish or even delete the comments, which creates differences and distance among communities.

  15. This is nice piece, the writer tries to come up with the facts about the son of Last Mir. I agree with his point but the writer need to revise about Hunza state about the part of HUnza. We are still marginalized and not getting out basic rights as a citizen of Pakistan

    @above all
    It is very sad to read your comments, especially for me as a women, I feel ambarass to call myself HUnzkuch of this time. People of our region were famous because they were respecting thre women but after reading your comments there is alot of difference what our new generation thinks about themself and there region.
    Atleast our Mirs tried to unite and protect Hunza from envadors but now look at us what type of language we are using for each other. We so called educated young people, such a poor and low level discussion. I cannt see the future of Hunza secure in your hands

    I am so disapponted and embrass. Think about your comments what you wrote above

  16. i agree with Talismanali ...
    upar jo b comment kiya hai banday ne vo jahil hai..he is not from hunza ...uski language say pata cahalta hai ki us k gar ka mahol kaisa hai...

  17. Anonymous jo b hai usko pata nahi ki hunza walo k pass kuch nahi tha ..gojal walo ne usko mir banaya time khane k liya kuch nahi tha hunza walu k sab ko pata hai...
    kam b kiya hai mir ne or zulam b bohot kya hai...
    hum saray ak hai ..ak imam k mured phr is ko sharam ane chaye jo commnet upar diya hai...

    1. Boht he achi analysis hai dear. laikin zara apne ancestors se pocho ki protection kis nai dii. you are refugees and burushos gave refuge just the way we give to Afghanis. We protected you from intruders (Kirghiz and Nagiris) now it is time to pay back us. Seeems typical Gojali style. Just cut the crap boy. Read your history thouroughly. befor opening your shit mouth.

  18. whi the hell is the writer of this arical....

  19. True... the ISI and other agencies want to project provincialism in Gilgit-Baltistan so that people only talk about HUNZA, ASTORE, GHIZER, SKARDU and SHIGAR separately not GB in totality... this divide and rule policy is going on through certain government officers and socalled educated lot of the region... but now the locals have realized this cunning tactic... Appointment of a controversial man from Lahore as chief judge of Gilgit-Baltistan is the last piece of injustices with the locals since 1947… now we… 2.8 million people of GB are awaken for the denied rights… and no one can stop us from getting our constitutional rights… we want the 5th constitutional province in GB and representation in the Parliament… go on my dear and brave GBians… sher ki aik din ki zindagi gidadh kay 100 saql say behtar hay… GB zindabad, Pakistan payindabad!

  20. The Terrorland Team wants to say: we're so sorry, we can't delete abusive comments (unless they're about religion). We let people express themselves in anyway... so that later they observe their behavior and change it for good. Thank you very much.

  21. Is this true:

    They live to 120 years, give birth at 65 and they do not have tumor! This is how!

    Members of the Hunza people are always smiling, they are lively and strong. Hunza members look so youthful that many people are shocked of their age. These people eat a lot of apricots. They seem to be from another planet, but they are not. Hunza people live in the mountains of northern Pakistan, there are about 87,000, and are special because they live an average of a hundred years. Many of them live without experiencing problems live120 years. Individuals have lived 160 years. They are rarely are sick, do not know what are tumors, they have a very youthful look, and their wives give birth on 65 years.

    They are living proof of how diet and lifestyle affect humans. Hunza take bathe in icy water, even if it is below zero. They eat the food only that they are growing. They eat raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, eat a lot of dried apricots, a variety of cereals (mainly millet, buckwheat and barley), legumes and less cheese, milk and eggs.

    They walk a lot but eat little
    They do not have snack, just breakfast and lunch. They walk a lot, up to 15 to 20 kilometers a day. They rarely consume meat, it can be twice a year and they eat a little lamb or chicken. They also laugh a lot.

    For a period between two and four months they do not eat anything, but drink only juice from dried apricot. This is their tradition since ancient times that they respect it, and it takes place in a time of year when the fruit is not yet ripe. Doctors agree that the way of their diet and periods of starvation contributed for their good health and longevity.

    The habit of consuming large amounts of apricot may be responsible in protecting them against tumors. Apricot seeds are rich in vitamin B-17 which has anticancer properties, and from the seeds they make oil. But it is about small doses that might otherwise be life-threatening. It is a kind of a prestige that the family has more apricot trees on their land. Unfortunately, today, and among them, an unhealthy industrial food comes and the result is the appearance of caries and gastrointestinal problems, which were not previously known.

    This vigorous and hardy people, say about themselves that are the descendants of Alexander the Great and his army. Some of them were at the time of the conquest remained in their villages and married. In 1984 the media wrote about Said Abdul Mobudu from Hunza people who came to the London airport and confused officers showing their passport. It was written that he was born in 1832.

  22. Samina has posted this about your Hunza King on FB:

    I met the decedent of the royal family of Hunza, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan and feeling really sorry for his fore fathers and the royal family of Hunza, for raising such a man who don't even know how to talk and what a leader is. it is very harsh to say but i pitty his followers!!
    he said:
    -"jab Baltit, Ganish, Altit or Hyderabad k log kehty hain election laro tou mai larta hu ager wo na kahy to nai."
    -"Mayoon key kuch logu ny mujhy vote dia q ki mery baap dadau ny unko zameenain di thee ( wo zameen jo Mir ki family ny ny qabza ker liyae tha or baad may awam say paysy ley ker wapis kia thaa) "
    - "Ajj wo log mery sath ajain jinhu ny mujhy vote dia tha taki mai tumhy jobs duu (he indirectly said mai ny inky vote khareedy hain)
    he lost election from Mayoon, he used really harsh words for not voting for him."
    - "mujhy tumhary 250 votes say kuch farq nai parny wala.
    -mayoon or nasirabad key logu ko tab aqal ayae ge jab wo qaber mai jayangey."
    - "tm log is liyae peechy ho q ki tum mujhy vote nai dety, jinhu ny dusri parties ko vote diyae they wo jail jany waly thy."
    i asked him about Dr. clark's proposal made in 1950's, he didnt reply me,i asked again so he said rudly,

    "App vote dogey tou hm keraingey"