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We’re a team of journalists, writers and civil society members. This website is actually a liberal forum to discuss intellectual terrorism and the mass media, a taboo subject, in Pakistan.

Anybody can write for us. We’ll publish everything without any prejudice even if it’s against us.

Journalists are not above the laws. However, the unscrupulous ones should not fear us in our lawless country.

Name of the site has been taken from Habib R. Sulemani’s novel, The Terrorland, while the monogram is an artistic creation of the author.

There is immense pressure on The Terrorland Team (TTT) to stop highlighting the trauma of Mr. Sulemani and his family members. If this site is not updated for a long time—it means either it's blocked by the authorities or hacked by the secret agencies. In such a situation, visitors can contact us through group email or other social media pages.

Our mission is peacemaking, and in this regard, we share Mr. Sulemani's idea: "Let's bring those people to justice who use religion, race and nationalism as weapons against humanity, and those criminal minds who want to make planet earth a terrorland in the universe."

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(The Terrorland Team)

Contact group email: hrwriter@gmail.com

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