Here are 25 poems of Habib Sulemani, written spontaneously for The Terrorland group blogs during his ongoing confinement. They were combined in a previous popular post, Resistance literature: Pakistani writers are powerful than generals, which has been archived. 

  1. The Kakul Syndrome
  2. The Hawker Revolution — Arab world sings for democracy
  3. A slap in the face of Indian democracy
  4. A blasphemy case in the court of God
  5. Jesus and Hussain
  6. A tyrant has neither life nor a burial place in the changed world!
  7. The Margalla Sunset — Happy New Year 2011
  8. An ode to my love
  9. Human Rights Day: how helpless God is today!
  10. God is a weapon—they worship death (1)
  11. Truth is at war with lies (2)
  12. I write for the oppressed (3)
  13. Intellectual cleansing of liberals (4)
  14. Don’t expect any impartial inquiry... (5)
  15. Desi butchers on way to The Hague (6)
  16. Liberty’s knocking at our door (7)
  17. The cannibals
  18. Intellectual faculties
  19. Liberal values can’t die
  20. Media is battleground
  21. Generals and Politicians
  22. What Dr. Goebbels didn’t tell Hitler
  23. Returning home as dead bodies
  24. Mercedes-Benz and BMW
  25. Universal Patriotism
Mr. Sulemani has stopped writing for The Terrorland group blogs, however, he can be reached at:

Email: habib.sulemani@yahoo.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/habib.sulemani
Twitter: http://twitter.com/habibsulemani